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Tempting Devils


Comedy / Drama / Romance



Camille, a beautiful woman in her forties, picks up the cell phone that Suzy lost in a station. When Suzy calls her own number, they agree to a meeting at Camille's so that she can recover her property. During this meeting, Suzy also meets Clara, Camille's partner. But they are interrupted by Olivier, Suzy's drunk lover, who tries to bring her back to him. While Clara takes Suzy to hide in an apartment above their own, where already the strange "Tonton", an old sage, yoga lover, Camille tries to calm Olivier and little by little, the console. It is from then on a strange crossover that begins: Camille knots a passionate story with Olivier, while Tonton initiates Suzy to meditation and levitation. Little by little, everyone finds their own way to happiness, their own place in the game of feelings.


Jean-Claude Brisseau

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Reviewed by kosmasp 5 /10

Explore (yourself)

And/or others of course. First of all you should not take issues with nudity and women loving women (literally). But there is more to the movie than just frivolous acts and intercourse. The explors philosophical questions and being in general. Finding oneself, loving one self and then others too.

Question is, if this is answering the questions you may have. And if so, are the answers sufficient? Don't expect too much insight or a life saver here, but a decent attempt on showing people in a vulnerable state and more dialog than some would care for. So if you are here for just the excitement, there might be other movies to satisfy that urge/need

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