A Mother of No Destination (2021) torrent download

A Mother of No Destination


Sci-Fi / Thriller



Astronomers spot anomaly headed for the earths solar system. The wealthy elite keeps the destruction of the human race secret so they can prepare to only save themselves. After the disaster comes to past what is left of the human species tirelessly attempt to survive their interstellar lives in an unstable mothership.


Tommy Fury
as Lt. Jenkins
Clark Hurlburt
as The General
Charles F. Rosenay
as Electrician

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coivaln007 1 /10

The YouTube Trailers Should Be Warning Enough

Before watching this "film", please watch the readily available YouTube trailers. You can see by the special effects shown in the trailers that this "film" appears to have had a $100 budget. Let me slightly change a previous review so that it reflects the truth. "This film is absolute crap, everything from the cinematography, the actors etc was absolute crap. A new pdern day film that is absolute crap. A must at all costs avoid film. If you waste your time watching this crap, you will be sorely disappointed, and brain dead".

Reviewed by gc-17365 1 /10

There's low budget...

...then there's films that have a zero budget like this one.

Terrible acting Terrible dialogue CGI worse than a 1980's video game.

Plus it was filmed on a potato.

It's even beyond it's so bad it's funny.

Ignore the the glowing fantastic reviews by the crew/actors.

Reviewed by myfishyalias 1 /10

The best part is the spelling in the credits

I'm not sure I can review this, I assume it was a project some kids start in their teens, 20 years ago by doing the GCI bits. Most scenes have a green screen background but I don't think they bothered to buy a green screen, so the masking is worse than many zoom calls. Acting is terrible. The space background is often on loops so short the stars are moving towards you, then jumping back, I counted one loop as 2 seconds, considering stars are light-years aways it would have been better to have had them static. Also, I don't think anyone in the production had ever heard the correct pronunciation of Kuiper. The best bit is the credits and to quote... "...us to film at thier..." "...specail Thanks to..." "Last but not Least a very specail Thanks to..." The capitalisation is as per the credits.

To the film makers, yeah not good, but on zero budget it's alway going to be hard, especially with a subject hard to film on the cheap. I would say pick an easier subject to film, write a good script with fewer but better actors. Or if you want to do a space film, pick a story achievable for you, one man in a capsule running out of air and trying to find the leak whilst talking to the ground controller, who you never see, on the radio; two life pods drifting away from a ship on fire, them talking over the radio, how did they get into that situation, who attacked them slowly revealed, their desperation as they know the attackers are heading to Earth and they need to warn them but hey stuck in life pods; a man stuck in a decontamination chamber visited by people whilst a deadly disease starts eating him alive.... Obviously the above are just simple tropes rather than original ideas but basically I'm suggesting anything were you can make a single good set and rely on story and dialogue.

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