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A wide-eyed, ambitious student auditions for a role that could change his life. To succeed, he must impress two draconian judges at any cost.

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Reviewed by imytsl 10 /10

A truly powerful and compelling creation

'Audition' provides an intimate insight into a young actor's personal struggle for success.

The masterful directing and cinematography, alongside the raw nature of the acting, immediately causes you to be gripped by and invested in the characters most intimate emotions.

The beautifully orchestrated shots, coupled with the moving and wistful soundtrack, serve to perfectly compliment the tone of the film.

Two years in the making, Ed Whelan's first feature film is a true accomplishment and more than worth the wait.

Reviewed by QuantumVentureCapitalist 9 /10

What a ride!

The film starts slow, with the main character auditioning for a role in a student play at a university. However, it quickly becomes apparent how high are the stakes and that to succeed in his role, he will have to sacrifice more than he might be willing to.

The main character, Alex (Romilly Carboni), is delivered exceptionally well, which surely wasn't an easy feat, given the range of character's emotions, as the events transform him. Separate praise must go to Jack Firoozan for his role of Elliot - the mysterious and mostly quiet character, who's also responsible for some of the most powerful moments in the film.

The strong performances are further complemented by the expertly crafted soundtrack that amplifies the emotions, and, together with the editing, ensures the second half of the film grabs your entire attention and keeps you completely immersed until the very ending.

I find it hard to believe that it was the crew's debut feature film. With such a strong start, we can surely expect to see some of the names behind the Audition's success walk the red carpet in a couple of years.

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