The Krays Mad Axeman (2019) torrent download

The Krays Mad Axeman


Crime / Drama



Based on the true story of Frank Mitchell who was sprung from Dartmoor Prison by the Krays 10 days before Christmas 1966. Whilst a national manhunt ensued, he was holed up in a flat in East London with a minder and hostess for company. 'The Mad Axeman' is a gripping suspense crime thriller.


William Kerley


Diarmaid Murtagh
as Frank Mitchell
Scott Wickes
as Ron Kray
Ben Osborne
as Reg Kray
Nick Cowell
as BBC radio announcer

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grahamhart-55335 N/A

Don't bother it's dire.

Pathetic,i've seen better acting in Crossroads,low budget it certainly is!!

Reviewed by eddovey 1 /10


Having just watched this movie I felt compelled to warn people not to waste their time on this drivel. I had to turn it off within 10 minutes as everything about the film is awful. The lighting, the production, the direction, the acting, just everything screams low budget.

This film does not give any credence to the British Film Industry. I firmly believe that whoever bankrolled this endeavor did so as a tax break and that the person who gave this 10 out of 10 is either (1) a left leaning, tree hugging hipster moron with no life experience outside of the liberal London neo-political bubble, (2) someone that is a 'little too close' to the film itself, or (3) just a troll.

By the way, you're welcome!

Reviewed by ferdmalenfant 1 /10

laughable acting low low budget

Just a couple of words on this trash...the first review is 10/10 I watched the movie and I have to say that the "person(s)" associated with the film who placed this first rating of 10/10 GOOD LUCK! It's a terrible, boring, low budget, badly acted piece of crappolla! What a joke.

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