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Follow the spectacular journey of a Viking Age group (texas Jomsborg Elag), as they make their way across Europe, where they participate in massive-scale Viking reenactments and a series of epic competitive battles, including full contact fighting. Their adventure culminates in Poland, where swords clash at the 17th International Slavs and Vikings Festival at Wolin in the historic birthplace of the 10th Century Jomsborg Army.

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Reviewed by patrickdillon863 10 /10

A candid look into an interesting subculture

Do you enjoy an excellent documentary? Do you like Vikings? Does a compelling and candid look into an insular subculture fascinate you? Do you like seeing people getting smashed with ancient weapons in combat situations that are the closest you'll come to in the modern age to the real deal? If you said "Yes.", to any of these questions then check out this documentary. It's a great heartfelt profile of one of the members of the international organization known throughout the viking reenactment community as Jomsborg. Follow Clint from his native Texas as he trains with his local reenactment group in preparation for his participation in the European Campaign season; from the shores of Britain to the foggy inlets of Wolin, Poland, you'll meet the people and places that become the focus of a wonderful saga on film.

Reviewed by mastrait 6 /10

When you need to feel masculine ..

A bunch of guys, playing Viking. I guess it's better than playing a Viking on your Xbox, but still rather silly in my book.

Let's face it, these guys are accountants, plumbers, doctors etc. They spend a few days surrounded by porta-potties with toilet paper, get plenty of food to eat, drink their bottled water, muck around a bit, then head to the airport in their Hertz rent a car.

My guess is they have plenty of aspirin around and of course, are not far from a cell phone tower. Goddess forbid.

Nice hobby if you need to prop up your manhood.

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