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American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire


Drama / Horror / Thriller



In June of 1994, one of the most brutal mass slaughters in history occurred in the backwoods of northern New England. Four months later, history is about to repeat itself. The end of summer signals the brink of manhood for a group of lifelong friends who proudly call New Hampshire their home. But when they embark upon a local rite of passage - traveling north for one final weekend of debauchery together - it just might prove to be their final weekend PERIOD, as this rite is doomed to go frightfully wrong. When they find themselves ensnared in a struggle for survival amongst a sinister hunting party, a bloodthirsty tribe AND a mythical beast, what began as a comedy of errors devolves into an all-out Darwinian duel to the death, and less than 24 hours will pass before a slew of lives have been claimed and the last of the living remains.


Flood Reed


Tyler Rice
as Dude-Guy

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Reviewed by savcam500 4 /10


I often wonder where these earnest, "rave reviews" by "raving reviewers" come from. They often appear right before or immediately after the release of a (typically low budget, usually horror) film, from accounts created (suspiciously) around the same time as the film's release. The posters review this one film, and this one film only, and then they promptly vanish into the æther forever....

Speaking of this film, it's mediocrity manifest (though not without some small measure of inspiration and merit behind it). No matter what the other "reviewers" claim, Slew Hampshire hardly breathes new life into the "People Stuck in the Woods, Horror Ensues, Commonsense Ignored" genre. It treads a well worn path; starting with a (not altogether successful) comedic tone and descends into horror. It attempts an oddly philosophic tack which I'll admit is rather interesting, but ultimately for naught. As horror films are wont to do, it tackles the darker aspects of man (rape, race, wanton violence and gruesome killings), but the film is scattered and unfocused, touching on a half-dozen genres (which I have no problem with so long as it serves the greater purposes and needs of the story while remaining entertaining; I needn't have my hand held through a film and I can certainly admire the ambition): Comedy, Road Trip, Hillbilly Horror, Gruesome Torture, Creature Feature, Exploitation.... The effects and gore were passable, though hardly does that a movie make. The cinematography was... experimental in an earnest, art-school-sort-of-way, but the filters, effects and framing were more a distraction than an aid. The acting, direction and story are at times awkward and hackneyed. The story? Well, you probably already know the story, though it does offer a few "twists".

It was written, directed, filmed, cast, and acted in by apparent hydra Flood Reed (who also went to the trouble to write a very enticing Summary of the film here on, as well a song on the soundtrack). Think: Joe Swanberg, but with some actual talent, vision and drive. Even in this rather disappointing film they are evident and I'll be keeping an eye on Reed as he hones his skills and develops his craft.

Reviewed by blackestrose13 7 /10

If you love over the top violence and gore, you won't want to miss 'American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire'.

A night of partying turns weird for a group of friends after an car accident and the arrival of supposed cops in a station wagon. Murderous hunters collide with a cannibalistic tribe, as the kidnapped party goers must struggle for survival.

The film carries and eerie, trippy vibe, mixed with a gritty film style. The result is a terrifying atmosphere, with a constant feeling of dread. It has a pretty standard lost-in-the-woods, kidnapped-by-hillbillies kind of set up until the tribe and the creature are thrown into the mix, then things start to get really interesting. A disgusting blend of gore and rape make for a horrific film that make something like 'Deliverance' look like a a nice vacation in the woods. The addition of comedic relief make the film a whole lot of gratuitous fun for gore fans.

Dayo Okeniyi is excellent as mature one of the group, Bro. I always enjoy seeing the director's play horrible characters, particularly in horror. Director/writer Flood Reed shows off his multi-talent abilities as hillbilly Bags. If you love over the top violence and gore, you won't want to miss 'American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire'.

Reviewed by feindgottes 7 /10

American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire is a gore lover's delight

As a hardcore horror fan when you see that a film was awarded "Goriest Scene of the Year" by Rue Morgue images of classic Cannibal Holocaust or the works of the "Godfather of Gore" himself, Herschell Gordon Lewis, immediately flash through your brain. Cult is the real gore hound between the two us but it's not like I shy away from it so since Cult was on vacation traipsing all around these Western United States the task of watching this gore fest fell to me. Hopefully he'll be able to watch it soon since he made the connection that enabled us to receive the screener from writer/director Flood Reed in the first place. American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire was also nominated for Best Feature, Best Actor and Best Editing at the 8th Annual Shockfest Film Festival of Hollywood. So let's see what all the fuss is about...

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