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Il Postino


Biography / Comedy / Drama / Romance



Pablo Neruda, the famous Chilean poet, is exiled to a small island for political reasons. On the island, the unemployed son of a poor fisherman is hired as an extra postman due to the huge increase in mail that this causes. Il Postino is to hand-deliver the celebrity's mail to him. Though poorly educated, the postman learns to love poetry and eventually befriends Neruda. Struggling to grow and express himself more fully, he suddenly falls in love and needs Neruda's help and guidance more than ever.


Michael Radford


Philippe Noiret
as Pablo Neruda
Renato Scarpa
as Telegrapher
Maria Grazia Cucinotta
as Beatrice Russo
Linda Moretti
as Donna Rosa
Massimo Troisi
as Mario Ruoppolo
Mariano Rigillo
as Di Cosimo

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jotix100 10 /10


Michael Radford, an English director, ought to be given credit for bringing this beautiful story to the screen. It speaks volumes that Mr. Radford achieves a triumph with a film that for all practical purposes should have been directed by an Italian. This is a timeless story of friendship, poetry and love set in a desolated island that was to be Pablo Neruda's home in exile.

The story is a simple one. Mario Ruoppolo, a poor man without a job, suddenly applies for a vacant position that will pay almost nothing, but by becoming a letter carrier he gets the chance of meeting a man that will make a deep impression on him and who will change his life completely.

Mario, the postman, is almost illiterate. He can read and write, with only the basic knowledge he probably picked up in the island school. He is allergic to fishing, and can't make a living like his father, and probably most of his ancestors before him. It's the time after WWII in which a poor Italy is still recovering from the devastation and defeat.

Pablo Neruda, the Chilean poet, finds a rustic home in the island. He is the most famous person ever to set foot in there. Mario is in charge for bringing Pablo his packages and mail. An easy friendship develops between them. Like everyone else in the island, Mario is impressed by the foreigner. In trying to imitate his poet friend, Mario awakens to all the beauty around him and discovers love with the gorgeous local girl, Beatrice Russo.

The film's mood changes right after Pablo Neruda and his wife receive assurances they can go back to their native land. This leaves Mario in a sad state, but now that he is married, he has other responsibilities to live for. Neruda had awakened in Mario a desire to speak for himself and to seek justice.

This is a film totally dominated by the late Italian actor Massimo Troisi, who as Mario, completely captures us by just being a simple soul with no malice. Mr. Troisi is splendid in his take of this poor man who discovers beauty and poetry late in his life. Philippe Noiret, is Pablo Neruda. Mr. Noiret makes a great contribution as the man who sees beauty everywhere and translates it into poetry. Maria Grazia Cucinotta is the beautiful Beatrice, the woman who loves Mario. Renato Scarpa and Linda Moretti, play minor roles with success.

"Il Postino" is helped by the magnificent cinematography of Franco di Giacomo who captures the island in all its splendor. The music score is another asset. Luis Bacalov's tuneful background music adds another layer in this film rich texture.

This film is an excellent way to be introduced to Pablo Neruda's poetry, even if it's only for the curiosity the film will give even a casual viewer. Thanks to Michael Radford for a poetic view of this lonely place where two people meet and are changed forever.

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 10 /10

A wonderful film which floats on the love of words, rhythm, and imagery...

Nominated for Best Actor (Massimo Troisi), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Music, Best Director, and Best Picture, "Il Postino" is a tender tale of love and poetry on a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, inspired by an incident in the life of Pablo Neruda, the Chilean poet who was briefly exiled, in 1952, for his communist ideas which have often got him into trouble...

'Il Postino' is a beautiful, heartbreaking movie, funny in its simplicity and honest dialog...

Massimo Troisi leaves his final legacy in the role of a shy, hesitant and uncultured postman who possesses the heart of a poet with truly peculiar observations, such as 'the whole world is the metaphor for something else,' often without realizing how exciting his comments are...

Director Michael Radford had the care to create a wonderful film which floats on the love of words, rhythm, and imagery... His movie is much heightened by a music score that includes quotes, paraphrases and Argentinean tangos...

His film turns out to be a great little movie... It deals with a friendship between a lethargic villager, who takes the modest job of delivering letters to the celebrated poet living in a secluded area... Poetry becomes their connection...

Mario Ruoppolo is a simple man with a complicated set of values who rides his bicycle climbing the hard road to Neruda's cozy home and with his timid manners delivers the armful of correspondence to the single customer of the island...

A polite Neruda shows little interest in his personal postman, but he favors him, one day, with his autograph, signing one of his books with the words 'Regards, Pablo Neruda.' Nevertheless as time passes the 'poet of love' becomes a bit more friendly, intrigued by Mario's enthusiasm regarding his poetry and poetic manner of speaking...

Mario, impressed that almost every letter delivered to Neruda is from a female, couldn't understand how his new resident, despite his advancing age, has such magical power over women... So he tries, with his simple way of thinking, to understand all the secrets of the exalted poet, sharing his thoughts with him... He becomes increasingly curious, asking a lot of questions about the mystical creation of poetry, forcing the fascinating celebrity to reveal some of the unexposed materials of his artistic vision... Neruda introduces Mario to the verbal rupture of metaphors, attempting to teach them to his anxious pupil... The two men discover an unexpected friendship based on their mutual view that life should be a framework for seduction and romance...

As the film goes on, Mario, crafted with a tender spirit, attempts, through Pablo, a gentle intervention and poetry to win over the woman he has fallen for, Beatrice Russo - played by Sicilian fashion model Maria Grazia Cucinotta...

Becoming in a slow way his 'Latin Cyrano de Bergerac,' Neruda guides his postman into romance, but refuses to write a poem that could charm his young passionate Beatrice...

To attract the prettiest girl in town, Mario becomes a bit of a poet himself... But when he finds his own words insufficient to his romantic mission, he appropriates one of his tutor's sensuous poems, and protests, when discovered, that "Poetry doesn't belong to those who write it, but to those who need it."

Unbelievably his 'lyrical words' fascinate the sensual bombshell who was playing a mean game of table soccer in a low cut dress, but disturb greatly her disapproving aunt Donna Rosa, who sees that Mario is contaminating her niece with his nice words... Nevertheless the postman wins the beautiful Beatrice and convinces her to marry him...

Heartbreak comes when Neruda receives a telegram that he can return to the country he loves so much... From here on, an extended epilogue with smiles, tears and regret, takes the story on... And the film almost breathes lyrical tenderness in its depiction of an honest man who longs so much for love...

Mario, who has not received any word or greeting from the poet and had remarked that it's quite normal for the poet not to remember him, returns to the poet's villa to revisit the place that had once been alive with the sounds and sights of emotional discovery... In the silence that now surrounds it, he realizes that the poet has taken all the beautiful things away with him...

He gets the idea to create a 'live' poem for his dearest friend Don Pablo... An outdoors tape to let him listen to the wonderful sounds of the island, from the small and big waves at the Cala di Sotto, to the wind on the cliffs, to the wind through the bushes, to the sad nets belonging to his father, to the church bell of Our Lady of Sorrow, to the starry sky over the island, to Pablito's heartbeat...

Philippe Noiret (best remembered for 'Cinema Paradiso') charms us once again as the affectionate mentor to Mario... He convinces the postman that poets are quite human but warns Mario about the old Dictaphone saying, 'Even the most sublime ideas sound ridiculous if heard too often.'

The sets and the cinematography, accompanied by an Oscar Winning Score, create a wonderful atmosphere of the remote poor island with no running water, of the modest houses with pealing plaster, of the Rocky cliffs overlooking the blue Mediterranean, of the post-war fishing village under the shades of rose and salmon...

Like love itself, some great movies seem surprisingly human... Delbert Mann's 'Marty' was one, Cameron Crowe's 'Say Anything...' was another, and now Michael Radford's "Il Postino" is exceptional... His film stands tall in its own right as a 'must see' movie... It's tough to imagine anyone not liking it... It simply revives our memories, and breaks our heart...

Reviewed by shankar_k 9 /10

Poetry in motion

A beautiful movie that does an excellent job bringing to life Neruda's love poems and how they touch the life of a simpleton postman. It inspires in one, a spiritual and sensual love for poetry. The music is intricately woven into the fabric of the story, and is surely a high point in the movie. Great cinematography, matched frame by frame with the splendid acting, especially that of Massimo Troisi and Philippe Noiret. Watch this movie if you are disillusioned with the notion of romance, and need some succour.

The movie once again reinforces my admiration for the Italian film-makers. What amazes me is their simplicity in relating a tale, and how subtly pathos is displayed in their movies. This is also evidenced in "Life is Beautiful" and "The Bicycle Thief".

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