A Little Italian Vacation (2021) torrent download

A Little Italian Vacation


Comedy / Romance



In this outrageous comedy, a group of high school Seniors juggle between old loves and new flings on the shores of a beautiful Italian town.

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arfdawg-1 1 /10

Every Review But Mine is FAKE

Come one with stacking the cards.

This sucks.

It's one of the worst movies I;ve ever sen.

Then I have to read the 10 ratings!!! REALLY?

No way.

Totally fake.

Don;t bother

Reviewed by firehawkrb69 1 /10

faux ratings

All reviews and ratings that are 10's are new user plants LOL Movie is a bust :(

Reviewed by vzarruk 10 /10


Hilarious feel good movie with beautiful scenery, 10/10!

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