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Allegiance illuminates one of American history's lesser known chapters as it tells the story of Sam Kimura, transported back nearly six decades to when his younger self and his sister Kei fought to stay connected to their heritage, their family and themselves after Japanese Americans were wrongfully imprisoned during World War II. An important story told with great resonance and intimacy, Allegiance explores the ties that bind us, the struggle to persevere and the overwhelming power of forgiveness and, most especially, love


Lorenzo Thione


Lea Salonga
as Kei Kimura
Telly Leung
as Sammy Kimura
George Takei
as Sam Kimura / Ojii-Chan
Katie Rose Clarke
as Hannah Campbell
Michael K. Lee
as Frankie Suzuki
Christopher Nomura
as Tatsuo Kimura
Aaron Albano
as Tom Maruyama

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maureenesimon 10 /10

A must see!

What a wonderful way to portray the lives of people who are faced with an unbelievable reality. It is warm, compelling, fun, and a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours. The tough decisions, family love, challenges and daily life of these Americans is beautifully believable. It is a story that needs to be shared and re-shared for years to come.

Reviewed by melissa-78638 10 /10

Should be required viewing in all schools!

This topic is important for all Americans to be aware of. We interred our own citizens simply because of where they or their ancestors were born. Watching this play or movie (hopefully it will be on DVD some day!) bring the issue to life. It's not a paragraph in a boring history book. It's real, it's tangible. My 14-year-old cried. Please show this to your children.

Reviewed by mylivelyhood 10 /10

Amazing, human portrayal

When I first heard of setting the story of Japanese Internment Camps as a musical, I was skeptical. I was wrong. This is one of the most moving, loving, fulfilling musicals I have ever seen. I was moved to tears more than once because the human story is presented here. I am thrilled to be a witness to the success of Allegiance as it moved from conception to fruition. Thank you so much, George Takei, for your courage, your advocacy, and your life.

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