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Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller



Legend says that the sacred crystal is the source for all life and was created at the beginning of time. Kyla has sought the crystal to use its powers for himself and he takes the crystal after smashing the defenders on the Planet Sintaria. But there is another identical crystal on Earth and Ladera heads there to get it before the evil Kyla. She finds that Jed has taken the crystal from is hiding place, but Victor and his inexhaustible hit men want it for money they gave to Jed. Ladera easily handles the weak earthlings and saves Jed, but Kyla is also after the crystal. Jed and Ladera must find the crystal before Kyla, the clueless cops or the dimwitted villains.


William Mesa


Craig Fairbrass
as Lord Tarkin
Sam Raimi
as Nervous Official
John H. Brennan
as Jed Sanders
Roger Aaron Brown
as Detective Carter

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kaefab 8 /10

Will not win any oscar but still a good sci fi flick

First off in an era of trash bad CG effects this movie made in 1995 had none of this, honest i tough the special effects where pretty good.

This movie deserves a better rating then a mediocre 2.8 maybe its the hate for Bridgette Nielsen or else but this movie is not half as bad.

Reviewed by chris-636 6 /10

a funny sci fi motion picture

A funny sci fi motion picture which I thought was pleasant, and of course the special effects were great. Brigette Neilson is always a delight as a tough warrior, with a "kick butt" attitude. It was a surprising delight to see actress Louisa Moritz again after so many years making a brief appearance as the Bar Lady.

Reviewed by yuki_amari 10 /10

Campy, stupid, fun.

Wow... this movie is total fun. It doesn't attempt to be mind-blowing or original but it succeeds in providing campy entertainment. It does parody other movies (that's a nice way of saying rip off) extensively, taking full scenes like the "police headquarters terminator invasion" from the first Terminator and the entire Hoth storyline and imagery from Star Wars: The Empire... They even got the clear strategic panel. And Lord Tarkin.... ha! This movie has its faults in that it's total B-movie. But this only enhanced it for me, and the presence of Nielsen (a fav.) was very cool. Her character meant nothing in the beginning, but grew on me, and her "Nooo!" scream was the funniest I've seen in some time. Great stuff, if you can watch it without pretenses!

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