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Seems Like Old Times


Comedy / Romance



Writer Nick Gardenia is kidnapped from his California cliffhouse and forced to rob a bank. Now a fugitive, he seeks help from his ex, Glenda. She is a public defender remarried to a prosecutor, and we get a houseful of hijinks.


Jay Sandrich


Chevy Chase
as Nick Gardenia
Goldie Hawn
as Glenda Gardenia Parks
Charles Grodin
as Ira Parks
Harold Gould
as Judge John Channing
Yvonne Wilder
as Aurora De La Hoya

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ksf-2 10 /10

FUN movie, great cast, great lines. Remake....

Every line is a hilarious pun or joke. Seems to be a remake of Talk of the Town (black and white movie, 1942), which was more of a drama than a comedy. Same plot of "love triangle", based on help from an old flame, up against an adversary running for public office, who is trying to avoid bad press. The hero, wrongly accused, even uses the same hiding places throughout the flick. Yvonne Wilder steals the show as the house-keeper Aurora, who runs a tight ship amid all the confusion of the pack of dogs always running around; She speaks her mind yelling things "under her breath". It isn't any Shakespeare, but its all around fun for all ages, and has a clever screenplay. Charles Grodin is the dour, serious husband who is trying to hold his position as Husband. The chemistry between Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn is amazing, and you can sense the conflict that the married Goldie Hawn feels as she tries to avoid falling back in love with Chevy Chase. Some great one-liners from Chevy Chase - he seems to be answering his own question half the time, and the jokes are for the benefit of the audience and Chevy himself.

Reviewed by vertigo_14 N/A

Seems Like Max Dugan Returns

I love Neil Simon comedies. The situations are so utterly outrageous, that they're hilarious. Seems Like Old Times is the story of a woman (Hawn) who's ex-husband, Nick,(Chase) is wrongly accused of robbing a bank. Nick keeps popping up at his ex-wife's house to get her to help him out, and in the meantime, she's trying to keep him hidden from her husband (Grodin), who's got an interest in aprehending Nick because he's up for the role of Attorney General.

The story is very similar to Max Dugan Returns, another Simon comedy in which Marsha Mason plays a woman who's estranged father (Jason Robards) shows up at her doorstep one night with a suitcase full of "stolen" money. In need of a place to lay low from the cops, the woman has to hide him from her boyfriend, a detective played by Donald Sutherland. By the way, if you liked Seems Like Old Times, you'd probably enjoy Max Dugan Returns, although it is not filled with as much 'stupid comedy' as the former.

Seems Like Old Times is classic Chevy Chase wit, Goldie Hawn charm, Charles Grodin panic, and comfortable Neil Simon comedy. Plus, it's got a load of other familliar faces like Robert Gillaum as Grodin's best friend and co-worker. T.K. Carter is hilarious as Goldie Hawn's chauffeur/maitre di/whatever else the woman hires him for (you'll understand if and when you have seen the movie). I think my favorite character of all, however, is the sassy housemaid, Aurora. It's a nice little film about outrageously odd occurences.

Reviewed by severe_td 10 /10

Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT comedy!

While "Airplane!" is widely regarded as the best comedy of 1980, this gem is often overlooked.

This movie has too many hilarious scenes to count, and contains many clever one-liners that will leave you rolling. The humor here isn't always obvious and in-your-face, but it's lurking within nearly every line in every scene.

The wacky set of characters add flair to the well-written storyline. This is one comedy which never gets old or boring, from beginning to end.

Stars Chevy Chase, Goldie Hawn, and Charles Grodin are at their best, while the supporting cast also does an excellent job. This is a well made comedy in all aspects. It is perplexing how this one fell below the radar.

Keep in mind that this movie is not really aimed at the stupid. If you need to be hit over the head with jokes in order to recognize them, this isn't the movie for you. At the same time, the movie is not pretentious, and the humor is not hidden. If you can appreciate its deadpan tone, you will find it to be hilarious.

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