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2015. A Coruña, Galicia (northwest to Spain). Carlos, a bank executive happily married with Marta and father of two children, older Sara and younger Marcos, starts the day as any other ready to work in the bank after to take the children to the school. But when the three up in the car, a cell phone left in the car rings. Receiving the call, an unknown voice tells Carlos that there is a bomb under the car and demands him a great amount of money under the menace to explode it if any of the three down the car, marking the end of the workday as time to receive the money. Hiding the danger to the children, Carlos starts a race across the city calling Víctor, his friend and job partner, to get the money. When Carlos meets in the city by chance with Victor's wife Julia while he is in negotiations with the own Víctor, Carlos learns that "The Unknown" too is blackmailing Víctor, who rejects to pay the money get after an illegal bank operations. Trying to save her, Carlos and the children watch...


Dani de la Torre

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Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 /10

Moving and exciting thriller about a banker who receives an anonymous phone call facing a dangerous and twisted situation

Above average thriller with plenty of twists , turns and a suspenseful finale . It contains unstopped action with great cast and nice supporting actors giving good performances . Furthermore , displaying a colorful and luxurious cinematography as well as a stirring and emotive score . ¨Retribution¨ or ¨El Desconocido¨ deals with a bank executive called Carlos : Luis Tosar , who faces a risked situation when he receives a mobile phone call informing him he has just a few hours to get a large amount of money or a bomb under his seat will explode , but events are about to be worst . Complicating things still further , the police pursues him and surrounding his car and then happenings go awry .

This is a top-notch thriller about a high-powered banker submitted to weird circumstances surrounding him , that's just the starting point for him , and a bit later on , things get even worse . A film in similar quality other Hollywood blockbusters . As this film results to be a crossover from other benchmarking successes as well as grossing American films , such as : ¨Locke¨ by Steven Knight (2013) with Tom Hardy , "Speed" (1994) directed by Jan de Bont with Keanu Reeves , and "Phone Booth" (2002) Joel Schumacher with Colin Farrell . This splendid Spanish movie has a lot of action images , including pursuits , car crashes , explosion , and Police Helicopter scenes . The plot can not be very realistic ; however, displaying several scenes have you on the edge of your seat . The picture increases the relentless tension as well as the flick progresses on screen . Thrilling and nail-biting film with a lot of scenes of drama , tension , emotion and action , all of them at equal parts . This is a highly suspenseful and cerebral thriller , filled with plot twists , including an unexpected denouement in its final part . Hitchcock style psychological thriller , being surprisingly good and stunningly directed . The picture is pretty well , though sometimes stagy , as developing into the car , and it has a lot of turns . However , being very entertaining for its continuous suspense . The original as well entertaining premise is overspread across the movie adding some brief conventional pitfalls . The well assembled cast is frankly good , including masterful direction of players , such as : Luis Tosar as the selfish winner businessman , Javier Gutiérrez , Elvira Mínguez , Fernando Cayo , Goya Toledo , Luis Zahera and special mention for Paula del Río as his daughter Marta . It packs a colorful and evocative cinematography by Juán Inchaustegui . Shot in Vigo and especially in its Plaza de Vigo , A Coruña , Galicia . Rousing and moving musical score by Manuel Ribeiro . Soundtrack is really helping to keep tied to what happens .

This increasingly potent thriller was compellingly produced by Mercedes Gamero , Juan Carlos Caro , Emma Lustres , all of them have financed a great number of hits in the new Spanish cinema . This new film by Spanish writer/director Dani De La Torre was compelling and professionally directed . Dani previously realized short movies as ¨Lobos¨ and Minas¨ , and TV Mini-Series : ¨Mar Libre¨ and his first film was this ¨El Desconocido¨ , a film full of emotional thrills , suspense , mystery and non-stop action .

Reviewed by fregenold 8 /10

Spanish thriller

An attention grabber and holder that takes place in the Galicia area of Spain, north of Portugal. I think the main actor's portrayal is superior to those of the last two years in the Oscars. He displays a very wide range of emotions sitting in the driver's seat of his car. Never a dull moment.

Reviewed by ggcarbone 8 /10

Nice one - goosebumps

If you enjoyed La Casa de Papel (spanish series) you will definitely enjoy this movie, it has similar action and similar drama, superb acting that hits right in the middle of your heart, and the tense is breathtaking. I found a couple of mistakes more at the end but didn't care, worth watching.

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