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Christmas Unwrapped


Comedy / Drama / Romance



Cynical reporter Charity (Amber Stevens West) gets the opportunity of a lifetime when her boss, Janet (Cheryl Ladd) assigns her to profile Erik Gallagher (Marco Grazzini), a handsome bachelor who organizes millions of dollars to help the less fortunate every Christmas. Erik claims his charity is all funded by Santa Claus, so Charity's assignment is to discover where the money really comes from-something other reporters have failed to find out. Knowing this assignment could make or break her career, Charity is initially frustrated that Erik and his associates reveal hardly any information about his mysterious source of funding. But as Charity spends more time with Erik, she begins to appreciate his unwavering conviction that anything is possible if you just believe. With her article's deadline approaching, Charity discovers the real source of Erik's funding and must decide whether or not exposing the truth is worth ruining her newfound belief in the magic of Christmas and love for Erik.


Bosede Williams


Amber Stevens West
as Charity Jones
Marco Grazzini
as Erik Gallagher
Cherion Drakes
as Tisha Davis
Anthony Sherwood
as Martin Jones
Cheryl Ladd
as Janet Cohen
Morgan Kelly
as Aaron Coleman

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toddsgraham 5 /10

An Unexceptional, Run of the Mill Lifetime Christmas Movie...

A bit of a disclaimer: I have been challenged to watch all of Hallmark and Lifetime's original Christmas movies this year. So, I am questioning my mental state at this point ;-). Any hoot, this is my 17th one this season (2nd Lifetime movie); it is somewhere in the middle of the pack (latter half). As another reviewer on here stated, the movie is 'okish'. The plot/storyline was quite predictable and unoriginal, as there have been several Hallmark (and other) movies with similar plots over the years. The Christmas Ring, for example, comes to mind; it's one of Hallmark's originals this year (it's not very good). The story in such films, in a nutshell, goes like this: i) journalist meets source; ii) they start falling in love; iii) journalist starts questioning her (it is usually a female journalist) motives for writing the story; iv) journalist decides not to write it; v) editor (aka her boss) publishes it anyway; vi) source finds out and breaks things off; vii) (in some versions) journalist rewrites and publishes a new version that spins the source in a positive light; viii) source and journalist make up and fall in love; ix) the end. The acting, overall, was decent. I am familiar with Amber Stevens West as I watched her on the screen in the TV series GREEK. She had a pretty good performance here. I am not as familiar with Marco Grazzini. His performance was pretty good too, though he did have some awkward acting movements in a couple of scenes (e.g., when he confronted Charity about the article that was published). As another reviewer here pointed out, the chemistry between the two was a bit lacking, not ideal for a romance film. The supporting cast was strong; I did think Cherion Drakes (as Tisha) had a good performance...Morgan Kelly (as Aaron), on the other hand, not so good. The movie does instill some Christmas spirit and cheer. Fans of Lifetime and Hallmark will no doubt enjoy the movie.

Reviewed by jagfannn 6 /10

Interesting Story But No Real Spark

It's an interesting story line so it wasn't hard to watch, but there is no chemistry between the leads. The female lead's character is a reporter that's supposed to be cynical about the male lead's claim to be Santa's helper, but it plays more like she has ill intent. She seems to have a wish to destroy something known for helping so many people, as if it were a noble endeavor. She eventually becomes a believer, but due to the lack of chemistry between the two, the inevitable romance in the end is emotionless and falls flat.

Reviewed by OddlesOfNoodles 5 /10


It was fine. The storyline was a little better than most Christmas movies.

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