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Big in Japan


Adventure / Comedy / Documentary



After hearing about the huge demand for foreign talent in Japan, 'ordinary guy' Dave sets out on an outrageous mission to understand fame... by doing whatever it takes to get it.

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Cryptozymon 9 /10

Entertaining and honest docu

I did not expect this. This was a very entertaining and honest docu about a guy, Dave, trying everything on his way to get famous. On his way he befriends with Bob the beast, Ladybeard and Kylie, an Idol. This depiction of the pursuit of fame from different characters is very interesting. All are struggling in life and it takes a lot of sacrifice to achieve their dreams.

Reviewed by neetslsmith 10 /10

Funny, poignant and insightful

A refreshing and funny look at the meaning of fame and the costs of pursuing it. David, Lachlan and Louis have created a fascinating narrative, which serves as a timely reminder of the fleeting and fickle nature of fame in today's social-media-obsessed world. One of my favourite documentaries of all time. Brilliant.

Reviewed by cool_julz99 10 /10

Eye opening look into the Japanese Foreign - Idol Culture

Fantastic insider's and outsider's experience of the Big In Japan phenomenon as a Foreign Idol. What makes this documentary is that you get to travel with one of the documentary making team members, Dave, throughout the 2-3 years he puts himself into this social experiment. It's real, it's raw and its really funny! There are also really touching moments in the piece as well that only a great documentary maker can capture.

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