Shrunken Heads (1994) torrent download

Shrunken Heads


Comedy / Horror / Thriller



When three N.Y. kids are murdered, the local Hatiian voodoo priest re-animates their shrunken heads to exact revenge. Complications arise between one of the heads and his former girlfriend.


Richard Elfman


Julius Harris
as Mr. Sumatra
Meg Foster
as Big Moe
Aeryk Egan
as Tommy Larson
Bo Sharon
as Bill Turner

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sarah11 N/A

Shrunken Heads is Great!!

I loved this dark, funny, strange little film. The plot was brilliant, and held me and my friends through all the twists and turns. We laughed our heads off at all the hilarious, dead panned lines of Lt. Col. Aristide Pierre Lafite Sumatra, of the Ton Ton Macoute - the friendly neighborhood news vender and witch doctor. This was a real treat!

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 6 /10

These Guys Are Real 'Head Cases'

This turned out to be a lot more of a comedy than a horror film. Seeing shrunken heads flying around was pretty unique and cool-looking but a lot more funny than scary. That's okay; I enjoyed it as a comedy.

There really wasn't much to this Grade B-horror flick expect a lot of voodoo nonsense, which was taken quite seriously in here. What a croc! I actually believe would take this stuff seriously.

Nevertheless, it's always satisfying to see a bunch of hoods get what's coming to them as our headless heroes did in here, seeking revenge on those responsible for their odd condition.

Talk about an original story! Fun stuff.

Reviewed by mopedcecil 10 /10

Super-hero kids with no!

Master of the B movie Richard Elfman brings us a tale of 3 kids out to avenge their own deaths and put an end to a neighborhood gang of hoodlums. Sounds like a typical plot...but there's a twist: They have no bodies!

For those of you who were waiting for Richard Elfman (the director of the brilliant Forbidden Zone) to return to the cinema and finally follow up his masterpiece, this movie might not be what you expect. Elfman is known for outrageous characters and chaotic nonsense warped into something that actually makes sense. Besides the shrunken heads flying around with no bodies, Shrunken Heads takes a more subtle approach. But make no mistake, Richard Elfman's twisted handprints are all over this movie!

Like it's predecessor The Forbidden Zone, Shrunken Heads takes us to a world of its own liking where there are only reflections of a time or era that we might be familiar with. This might make some viewers feel uncomfortable. For me, it only expands the possibilities and exercises the imagination. Tim Burton (an obvious influence-ie of Elfman) captured a similar world in Edward Scissorhands.

Critics may not like Shrunken Heads for the same reasons they don't like other Full Moon movies. It does not fit into the intellectual box that most critics have constructed around cinema as far as pacing and originality are concerned. My advice to the viewer of this movie: if you don't over-analyze it, you will find its compelling qualities. I am not a qualified movie critic (obviously), but I like horror movies, and I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

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