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The Naked Cage


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller



A young woman falsely convicted of a bank robbery is sent to a prison run by a corrupt warden. She struggles to survive the harsh prison life, where violent bullying, sexual assault and drug addiction run rampant.

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Reviewed by Hoohawnaynay N/A

Fun, Exploitation Trash!

I love campy movies like this. The dialogue is a hoot, the scenes of women in jail are so preposterous but who cares? It's a cheap thrill to watch women slap, stab, pull hair and lez out. Even the warden (Angel Thompkins) is a hot babe who gets off being sadistic. In my opinion Faith Minton steals this picture as tough inmate who looks like she just came off of the pro-wrestling circuit. She has the best lines in the movie, my favorite being when she tells a muslim inmate "Nothing you sh#$heads do concerns me!" Sit back, watch and turn your brain off and you will have a good time. Yes, the language is quite foul but when there is this much unintended comedy it loses it shock value. Not the best of this genre (Chained Heat, Concrete Jungle) but close.

Reviewed by Dr. Gore N/A

This cage is very naked


I bought this video. "The Naked Cage" is a fine, fine film. I would rank it among the very best women's prison movies that I've seen. That is saying a lot as I consider myself to be a connoisseur of the genre. "The Naked Cage" is good stuff.

The movie starts off with a hot chick hitchhiking to the song "Tuff Enuff" by the Fabulous Thunderbirds. She gets involved with a loser and they plan a bank heist. Naturally, an innocent blonde is implicated in their robbery. The rest of the movie is at the women's prison where the blonde fights for survival among prison riots and horny guards.

All of the elements of a successful women's prison flick are here. Lesbian wardens, sadistic prison guards, mass shower scene, prison fights and plenty of unnecessary female nudity. The key in these movies is to keep the violence level high. The nudity is always good but for a women's prison flick we've got to see the women reduced to animal-like ferocity to survive. "The Naked Cage" keeps the girls very angry.

If you like women's prison flicks, check this one out.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 7 /10

Typical babes-behind-bars entertainment.

Writer / director Paul Nicholas, who'd previously done the Linda Blair classic "Chained Heat", returns to the Women In Prison genre for this diverting bag of cinematic trash. Although it doesn't offer anything that W.I.P. fans haven't seen before, it still goes through its paces adequately, offering gore, atmosphere and titillation in respectable doses. The supporting cast is largely nondescript, but there are a few performers that stand out, which I'll get to in a moment. The movie does have a fair bit of set-up; the main character doesn't get to the prison until 16 minutes of screen time have gone by. But once she's there, there's plenty of sordid melodrama to keep an exploitation fanatic amused.

Lovely Shari Shattuck of 'The Young and the Restless' fame stars as Michelle, whose bank is held up by her no-count husband Willy (John Terlesky, "Chopping Mall"), who's met a ferocious femme fatale named Rita (Christina Whitaker) who has put him up to it. The robbery goes awry, and after all is said and done Rita falsely claims in court that Michelle was a willing participant, which gets Michelle sent to the slam for three years.

You get what you pay for with "The Naked Cage". Lesbian encounters? Check. Shower scenes? Check. Repulsive male characters such as rapist guard Smiley (Nick Benedict)? Check. And of course there's the usual corrupt warden (B movie veteran Angel Tompkins, "The Teacher") who's always got something going on. The ladies in this thing are enjoyable to watch; Shattuck is appealing as the "good girl" heroine who definitely takes her lumps before this is over. Faith Minton has an undeniable presence as butch top con Sheila. Buffs will note the presence of Carole Ita White ('Laverne & Shirley'), who'd already appeared in "Hellhole", "Chained Heat", and "The Concrete Jungle". Larry Gelman ('The Bob Newhart Show', 'The Odd Couple', "Chatterbox") has a cameo as the prison doctor. But it's the intense Whitaker who dominates things with a campy portrayal of a vindictive and vicious character.

All in all, if you're a devotee of this genre, you may not be blown away by "The Naked Cage" but you should have a pretty good time.

Seven out of 10.

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