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Sky Hunter


Action / Drama / Romance / Thriller / War



Wu Di (Chen Li),Zhao Yali (Bingbing Fan),Gao Yuan (Leon Lee) and Ba Tu (Guo Mingyu) passed the audit and joined a legendary China Air Force Base.Liu Haochen (Jiahang Li) is Wu's friend,he is involved in a conspiracy with an international terrorist organization. After the Chinese government discovered that there is a big conspiracy behind all these terrorist attack.The Chinese air forces have to destroy the entire terrorist organization and the responsibility to defense the honor and the safety of The People's Republic of China fell on Wu Di,Zhao Yali and other young pilot's shoulders.


Fan Bingbing
as Zhao Yali
Wang Qian-Yuan
as Ling Weifeng
Li Chen
as Wu Di
Li Jiahang
as Liu Haochen
Leon Lee
as Gao Yuan

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LogicIsEverything N/A

Another Chinese Military Might Propaganda film

As predicted, the Chinese movie industries under the new guidance and new policy of Chinese Communist Party, more and more Chinese military movies would be churned out regularly. These films are all big budget ones, heavily supported and sponsored by the Chinese government that only serve two purposes: 1) Let the Chinese people believe that their military power is so strong, not only just protect their own territory, it could also do some damages abroad anywhere, anytime. 2) Let the foreign countries and the foreigners to see how powerful the Chinese forces are now, and they are ready and capable to deal with any unfriendly situation.

These are the Chinese "Main Tune, Main Steam" movies: Wolf Warrior, Wolf Warrior 2, Operation Red Sea and this "Sky Hunter". Wolf Warrior showed you how intrepid the Chinese Army Special Force on the land. Wolf Warrior 2 and Operation Red Sea showed you the joint operations by the Chinese Army Special Force and the Chinese Navy Force. Sky Hunter, sponsored by the Chinese Air Force.

This "Sky Hunter" would give you a general idea about the Chinese Air Force, their "Air Superior" should be seriously observed by the Western and the Asian countries. They are more than ready to deal with any challenge from unfriendly foreign countries.

Reviewed by mike_kitchen 3 /10

Dull, dull, dull

Pros: Has some interesting shots of aircraft

Cons: Pretty much everything else. includes - Badly done aerial combat sequences. Top Gun was fun, included real aircraft, but the combat wasn't realistic. This has very few "real aircraft" shots in it, linked to combat sequences that looked like they were dreamt up by a 7 year old playing with a couple of Tamiya kits - Dull plot that seemed to scrape the worst bits from Top Gun, Behind Enemy Lines 2 (yes, that laughable "being chased by missile" sequence), and Blackhawk down - Flat characters, none of whom it was possible to give a stuff about Absolute bargain basement DVD section for this one.

Reviewed by randyc-76387 1 /10

Chinese Top Gun - sorry

Just watch Top Gun then Sky Hunter. Race baiting won't improve a poor film.

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