Edge of the Axe (1988) torrent download

Edge of the Axe


Horror / Mystery / Thriller



A deranged guy in a mask kills people with an axe.


José Ramón Larraz


Barton Faulks
as Gerald Martin
Christina Marie Lane
as Lillian Nebbs
Page Moseley
as Richard Simmons
Patty Shepard
as Laura Simmons
Fred Grossinger
as Frank McIntosh
Alicia Moro
as Rita Miller
Jack Taylor
as Christopher Caplin

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rott21 N/A


This is an underrated horror slasher movie. I think every video store should carry this one. Don't get fooled by the cover. The acting is good and the death scenes are written just right. Plenty of gore in this one. If you see this one do rent it. It's highly worth your time. 8/10

Reviewed by pizowell 7 /10

An above average slasher flick

I was pleasantly surprised when I rented Edge of the Axe the other night. I was expecting just a stupid funny slasher flick, but I actually got a pretty good slash flick. It's about a white masked killer stalking people in a small town hacking them to pieces with an axe, as if you couldn't tell. Good slashings, a cool slasher, a pretty cool story, little to no clichés, a killing before the opening credits roll, no stereotypical characters makes for a good slashing time. You'd expect by the box and the not so good reviews of the flick that it would be a crappy slash flick released too late (1989) to cash in on the slash fest of the early 80's. In fact the slasher flicks of the early 80's could have learned a lesson from this flick. Check it out. You may be surprised. 7/10

Reviewed by little-blackbear 8 /10

This is a classic

I wish this was one of the slashers that fell into the public domain, if only so it could distributed on DVD. I mean really. There is only one bad thing about this movie, and that's the lame song they made for it (also, the fact it plays louder than all the other music). The acting is actually pretty good, not feeling too stiff, the story is intriguing and fun, and most of the music is pretty good. Just the beginning to this movie feels brilliant, building up unreal amounts of tension with so little effort (sadly, this tension seems to go to waste). I love the look of the killer with the distinct, skull-like mask that would have worked well in the Halloween sequels. The gore is nice and the axing is satisfying. Hopefully it will get a nice restored release one day.

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