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The sweltering summer heat beats down on a sterile residential estate in the suburbs of Rome. Many a family lives here that no longer belongs anywhere. There is a mysterious sense of unease that can explode at any moment. Parents are constantly frustrated because they are not from a better suburb, and the kind of middle-class life they had hoped for is beyond their reach. But their children are the real protagonists of the shock wave that propels the entire estate towards collapse. An almost atavistic rage glimmers in the relationships and events portrayed in the directors' rigorous mise-en-scène. An unreliable narrator guides us, sweetly and sarcastically, through this dark fairy tale. A story about women and men who see their hopes and dreams falling by the wayside all too soon.


Damiano D'Innocenzo


Elio Germano
as Bruno Placido
Tommaso Di Cola
as Dennis Placido

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lowob 1 /10

A movie that tries too much to be something it's not.

Favolacce is just a prentious movie.

The DOP is at times really good, but most of the times is trying too much to appear impressive for its own sake: it's like you bought your niece the new camera he was asking for and you just explained to him the rule of thirds.

None of the characters has a clear or interesting arc and there's no main plot pushing the movie forward. Everyone is passively waiting for the story to end. Even the worst tale has the most basic story arc or a main character pushing the story forward, something that the narrator does for the first 5 minutes of the movie, before completely disappearing.

The sound design is at times really lacking and you can barely make out what the characters are saying (especially in the bus scene).

Overall is definitely not worth watching and it is kind of sad, because I really thought that the trailer looked promising and maybe something good would come out of Italy again.

Reviewed by naxia_88 1 /10

Didn't like any part of it

Just a strange movie. Didn't understand the senso of it even after reading the reviews. Just a waste of time.

Reviewed by velvet_zoo N/A

Pretentious and contrived, badly written 2* out of 10*

This Italian Swiss TV coproduction with Sky TV won a screenplay award at the Berlin Film Festival. We saw it in a group of cinephiles. In the discussion afterwards we could not find one reason how this could have been possible. Maybe every other film in the contest was written worse, but that is hard to imagine. Maybe the jury wanted to play a practical joke. Even the narrator in the film apologizes for the senslessness and boredom of these random and badly written script. Any of the scenes could have been replaced with any other. It makes no difference. It was sad to witness how the art of film has deteriorated both in the making and in a venue of appreciation that once held some prestige. Nice cinematography though, one star for that and one for casting.

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