Vladimir, a highly skilled but disobedient secret agent, gets left to rot for his attitude on an off-shore platform, watching over a top-secret material: the Radiuzite. There, he is compelled to team up with Hector, a rookie agent, whose only wish is to play video games and watch soap operas. Following an intrusion on the platform, this unusual team rush into a crazy investigation inside an even crazier hospital. There, they'll have to find the stolen Radiuzite and discover the truth about a climate threat which endangers species on the brink of extinction.


Guillaume Ivernel

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nieXas 10 /10

You cannot get bored.

Despite some Russian and Chinese references, this is a good and easy movie for all ages. While the start of the movie wasnt very promising, it does get better. It has some deep message about climate change, some adult jokes, great soundtrack and super realistic animation. I would give it 7/10, but giving 10 because of low other reviews.

My children were entertained and I wasnt bored most of the movie. Thats enough.

Reviewed by noro-46107 1 /10

Boring, Scatterbrained, Cheap Zootopia Knock-Off

It's been said before but this movie is just a Zootopia knock-off. It's boring and has horribly dry dialogue. I don't recommend this to ANYONE, not even anyone with kids.

Reviewed by cascadiarch 1 /10

The Cheap Chinese Knock-Off of Zootopia

I guess it was inevitable but jeeze. I was really hoping it'd have better writing and production values than this. From the characters to the world itself, there's absolutely nothing to connect with if you've already seen better films that do everything it's trying to do.

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