The Curse of Professor Zardonicus (2020) torrent download

The Curse of Professor Zardonicus


Comedy / Drama



A young man recruits a film student to help him prove the existence of an urban legend.


Alec White
as Darren
Cat Thomas
as Rachel

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ipopa-71731 9 /10

In a Category All Its Own

A great blend of dark comedy, mockumentary, and drama. The offbeat humor is perfectly interspersed with moments of tension, and the acting is excellent. Beneath the apparent absurdity of the plot is a running commentary about the nature of belief and alienation. This ultimately leaves viewers with the question of where the line is between reality and our understanding of it -- if there is one at all. The ending is a true Rorschach test. If I have one piece of advice for first-time viewers, it's to go into this movie with an open mind: It doesn't quite fit into any one genre; rather, it is in a category all its own.

Reviewed by djcomg 8 /10


There's such a home-made, warm, deliberate subversion of found footage here, anchored by a magnetic performance of its lead actor.

Rooted in mythos and mystery as opposed to abject horror. Really enjoyed this.

Reviewed by filmsbycpm 9 /10


Wow! Going into films like this, you truly never know what to expect. Watching this not only gives a sense of hope and a sense of belonging for up and coming filmmakers, but also gives this sense of warmth somehow. All Nighter always gives good quality and care in what they make, and that shines through here more than ever. Care is the word that best sums up this film for me. Well done!

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