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Romania: Seeking Dracula's Castle





Husband and wife team Greg and Felicity take a journey across Romania to try to answer one simple question - where is Dracula's Castle? Along the way they struggle as fiction, history and legend all mix together to confuse the question, but they get to experience some of the incredible beauty and impressive castles of Romania.

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Reviewed by h_pereiraiow 9 /10

Romania: Seeking a success

Romania: Seeking Dracula's castle is a modest, fun, sometimes relatable (holiday parking!) and informative documentary.

Following the journey of husband and wife team Greg and Felicity, we are transported to Romania. The show is a good balance of both travel blog and historic documentary. Both presenters are eloquent and really bounce off of each other which adds to the overall genuine/honest feel of the documentary.

They stick to the facts but keep it enjoyable to the last. They are also not afraid of being honest about their journey and their feelings towards the subject matter.

The mix of hand held shots and drone footage brings together a production that is both raw and professional. I would like to see more from these two.

Reviewed by Tostig66 9 /10

Great travel documentary

This has a little something for everyone. At the heart of it it is a journey to try and find the real historical sites of Vlad the Impaler. However, there is a discussion between fact and legend. There are insights into Bram Stoker's Dracula novel. And also tours of various other sites in Romania. Some I've never even heard of.

It's a fun documentary and the husband and wife between behind it are clearly having a ball.

Reviewed by solair130 10 /10

An insite full documentary

I really enjoyed watching this. It was well done, great information, and something I would love to see more of. Keep up the hard work, we NEED to see more of these, No pressure.

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