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Horror / Thriller



A mentally deranged maniac stalks victims to fulfill his drug addiction and sedate psychosis until he becomes the victim of an unexpected invasion of the undead. This is a prototype film, to be used to present for future larger production.


Joshua Reale

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Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 1 /10

Confusing and underwhelming experimental zombie effort that's not worth watching

In the midst of a viral pandemic, a group of people try to maneuver through the confines of an urban landscape as psychotic, zombie-like psychopaths run wild throughout the streets and must try to get away and survive the deadly situation they've found themselves in.

There are some likable elements here but it does have some problems. The overall look and feel here with the dark and gritty atmosphere present in the urban landscape creates a wholly impressive setup here. Given the brutal nature of the kills and action shown throughout here with the constant scenes of the zombies approaching and battling their victims or even showing the stalking of the victims throughout the area leaves this one with a gritty tone that goes along with the brutality featured in the kills which all manage to work for this one. There are some big issues here. The main problem with this one is completely discordant storytelling where it's nearly impossible to tell what's going on. With no setup to what's happening since we're just dropped immediately into the scenario where it's nearly impossible to get an idea of what the situation currently features with barely anything is revealed. With a series of just random and unconnected activity happening throughout the film it manages to just leave a sense of confusion as to the whole situation. The other issue here is the overall jarring presentation that offers up way too much experimental work that doesn't make the effort watchable. The general lack of dialogue, rapid-fire crosscuts, close-ups and bizarre camera setups that emerge here don't make this one enjoyable at all since these additions just seem to exist for the sake of existing with no real point of the purpose for their inclusion. The most important factor here is that the film doesn't make sense because of its creation while the flashier aspects don't help this factor at all.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

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