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After the owner of the Hemingway publishing empire dies, his family is keen on its inheritance. However they quickly learn of one stipulation in the will, that they must put aside their issues and repair the rift that divides them in 8 hours, or they'll inherit nothing.


Derek Hockenbrough


John DeLuca
as Colin Hemingway
Alexander DiPersia
as Michell Hemingway
Richard Moll
as The Lawyer
Ashley Noel
as Jennifer
Alan Thicke
as Paul Hemingway

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Reviewed by bkoganbing 4 /10

We are family

There must be a gazillion films out there where someone dies and leaves a will, the provisions of which can be described as off the wall. The Hemingway family is the beneficiaries of such a will left by, no pun intended Papa Hemingway the head of the clan.

The family owns a publishing empire like Time/Life, but other than a religious magazine none of the rest of the newspapers and magazines are doing that well. In the age of the Internet where people get their information on line and on television the empire is tottering like the Ottomans of the 19th century. All the late family patriarch wants is for his feuding heirs to settle their differences and pull together.

Richard Moll from Night Court playing the lawyer, Alan Thicke from Growing Pains as the son, and Charlene Tilton from Dallas as the estranged former wife are the names you'll recognize. The rest are fairly unknown, the various members of the next generation.

As this is a Christian movie it can only go in certain parameters and those parameters are strictly adhered to.

My big question is why didn't this bunch develop on line publications?

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