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A thrilling and action packed Monday. A wild and high intensity ride of shootouts, betrayals and brutal interrogations ensue as Detectives Roberts and Evans chase multiple leads to find a cop killer. Events lead them to the front door of a known Drug Kingpin Willy Campbell, who finds himself double-crossed by his psychotic right hand man. A love story blossoms throughout the day between Roberts and the beautiful daughter of Campbell that could ultimately end in death. Will honor and virtue ultimately prevail when they are tested to the extremes?

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Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 1 /10


In all fairness, the idea of telling the world that you were "aiming" for the look and feel of a 1970s B movie is really clever. That way, when the audience is faced with unrecognizable stars, terrible acting, endless head-n-shoulder shots, and a really really loud soundtrack that "band-aids" over all the gaps in continuity, you can simply say that was what your intention in the first place. And yes it really is time that for IMDB, the largest film database on the planet, to do something about the inevitable "early" reviews that give these productions 10/10 and compare them to Lord of the Rings or Star Wars.

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 1 /10

What a joke

Actor Beau Yotty, starring in his own film, as well as (experienced) writer, producer and director, took on way too many hats for this film. The sound was horrible and distant (boom mics were invented for those reasons), and the score was your typical B-film grade: loud, overbearing, annoying and unfitting. Yotty's screenplay and action scenes (if you want to call them that) where amateur hour quality. Riddled with major plot and technical issues with a story that although has been done many times before, hardly made sense in this film. His directing was ok, but he either failed miserably in directing his cast, or they are the worst actors I've ever seen - or maybe both. Even at only 91 mins long, 15 mins in I couldn't wait for it to end. Never mind the three current bogus 10/10's, although reading those was more entertaining than this film.

Reviewed by jonaskohtala 1 /10

No just no

No just no, this is such a bad movie. Bad sound, bad acting, everything just bad. And then 10/10 ratings must be someone in the cast or someone in the production.

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