Sindile and his two best friends push the limits of their patience while maneuvering through their hometown and its local rap scene.


Jake Fay

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Reviewed by BlobbyLight 1 /10

LOL @ how delusional this film and the reviews are

The music industry of 2020/2021 is nothing at all what this film is trying to say it is. Today, either youre a 1% sponsored major label poster child artist with a team of people doing everything for you or youre a 99% part time burger flippin hobbyist going absolutely nowhere and fast. PERIOD. No tours or shows. No to extremely low, unlivable, streaming royalties. Youre playing the lottery - actually, you have more of a chance to win the lottery than "make it" as an artist. Where does all of the money go?! Into the pockets of the CEO's at the 3 major labels and of course the owners of Spotify and the other blood sucking leeches streaming music and films. Get a FN clue dimwits!

Reviewed by jedijimmy101 10 /10

inspiring drama

Inspiring drama about chasing after your dreams and how hard work really pays off in the end.

Reviewed by NUDavis859-1 9 /10

A raw look on what it takes to make it

A raw unapologetic look of what it takes to make your dreams become a reality. This indie has us journey with Sin and company as they go through their highs and lows without pulling any punches. The characters are fleshed out and intriguing. The soundtrack is awe-inspiring. And the struggle is real, making you feel the grind as they fight to get to the next level of their success. Without giving anything away, anyone who has a dream should check out this story so you know what it takes to make it.

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