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Nothing is worse than losing a child. No amount of violence, painkillers or self loathing can wash away that kind of hell. But try telling that to Taylor Braithwate. The only person he hates more than himself is the terrorist who murdered his daughter and he'll tear the world off its hinges to get the bastard. But first, Taylor must battle through his own ignorance and guilt to accept the help of a Muslim-American cop. Only then does he have a shot at revenge and just maybe a new life.

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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 /10

Attempt at an indie thriller

OVERRIDE is a thriller made on a tiny indie budget. It's about a grieving father whose daughter is killed in a terror attack, leading him on to a downward spiral of guilt and depression. Eventually these feelings give way to anger, and he joins up with a cop to bring justice to the bad guys responsible. It's pretty sloppy and inept, as are the majority of indie films, and it contains some fight scenes which are absolutely spoil by swaying camerawork which only serves to induce motion sickness in the viewer.

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