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Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump





After years of empirical observation, for the first time ever, prominent mental health professionals present their observations on camera as part of their ethical "Duty to Warn" the public of imminent danger. Medical doctors and mental health professionals go on camera, on the record, for the record - it's an eye-opening discussion, analysis, and science-based examination of the behavior, psyche, condition, and stability of President Donald Trump. #UNFIT also examines Trump's effect on our citizenry, culture, and institutions.


Dan Partland


Donald Trump
as Himself

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Reviewed by rzajac 10 /10

Really: Hits all the key points

Not much to say: There are rafts of key points to be made about the ascent of Trump, and this flick pretty hits them all. If you're a Trump supporter, and you *really* want to get a genuine perspective on the core reasons for Trump loathing, watch this flick attentively. Of course, if you meet both those criteria, you're a rare bird, indeed! Mostly, the flick will sing to the choir. Trump loathers generally aren't "haters"; that is, we know and can fairly well articulate what it is that causes us to see Trump as a harbinger of doom to U.S. republicanism. But sometimes it's nice to see those view arrayed for delectation.

Reviewed by angescud-1 1 /10

Utter nonsennse

If you had a party and invited every never Trumped and loser, like Conway, Kristol and other elite sudo, wanna be intellectuals this cast be would be the list of invitees. If you hate Trump and don't care about the truth this may be your poison. However if you are intellectually honest and care for the truth regardless of allegiance to Trump than this is a waste of time for you.

Reviewed by genesiskel-81038 1 /10

The grift

From the producers who have exploited countless drug addicts here is their new grift to make money off their lies and pathetic cognitive dissonance.

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