In a remote town in the Australian outback, a mysterious object crashes to Earth. When a human comes in contact with the object, that person becomes lifeless and deformed. These changed humans seem interested in the town's children and kill those remaining humans who stand in their way. The town's Sheriff and her deputy, along with a schoolteacher and a scientist, all try to keep as many children safe as possible and understand what is happening to the town. Ultimately, the Sheriff and her team of citizens are helped by an otherworldly force to contain the epidemic.


Sandra Sciberras

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Reviewed by alfredsmith 2 /10

Just awful.

This is so bad I only watched half of it. This movie is an abject lesson in how not to make a sci-fi/horror film. Contains mostly awful acting, awful characters, awful editing, awful story and awful CGI. It's just awful. The only redeeming feature was the magnificent scenery of the Australian outback.

Please do not waste your time watching this turkey. There are thousands of movies better than this.

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 2 /10

Acts as a sedative............

Bad horror movies can fall into 2 categories, the ones that are so bad they are funny, and the ones that bore. Although this started on the right foot and had a potentially good story, it was so slow moving, with uninspired dialogue and brain dead characters, plus bad acting and a director who couldn't build a shred of suspense that I was soon struggling to stay awake. I don't even know what was going on, the movie just seemed to end. Unless you are suffering from insomnia, I would avoid this.

Reviewed by BLAlley 3 /10

Disjointed and deceptive

The poster is very cool. Too bad it has nothing to do with the movie. I don't know if I've seem a more poorly edited film. I realize the budget was low, but that has nothing to do with putting the scenes together in such a way that a story makes sense. Anytime something happens we either cut away in the middle or jump in after it's happened. There is no narrative here, just random scenes that tell us nothing about what is happening. Then with virtually no setup a completely new element randomly appears, but other than one initial reaction none of the characters seem the least bit curious how it relates or what they should be doing about it. If my assumption about the plot is correct there is an interesting story in here somewhere, but it's lost due to a weak understanding of story structure and the aforementioned poor editing.

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