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It has been four years since twenty four year old Conor Girard first hopped on a freight train and embarked on life as a homeless street kid. Now that he's sober, 'Roaming Bear' will try to keep the magic of the road alive by introducing a suburban teenager to his alternative lifestyle.

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Reviewed by indie_star-221-414607 10 /10

Born Ready Films have really outdone themselves!

Being a "traveling kid" is a lifestyle choice that many people don't understand. No matter how many times you tell your friends, family, and lovers that you absolutely adore living on the road, eating out of the trash, bathing minimally, sleeping outside, fighting off bugs and diseases, and getting town to town by complimentary rides from people and trains... more times than not they will always fail to understand the "why" of it all. To this day, I don't know that I could effectively express in words the reasons why someone would be drawn to this lifestyle, and that is because IT IS SOMETHING YOU NEED TO SHOW PEOPLE. Born Ready Films has done a great job of bringing to light the reasons for hitting the road, and the struggles that come along with that choice. For anyone who's ever desired to just "get up and go" this movie is a must see!

Reviewed by heaze 1 /10


He's trying to emulate the homeless. But the fact is if he gets into trouble his parents are paying for his lawyers and bail, he has health insurance and money for medication. He has a fat inheritance awaiting him in the future. And I guarantee he has an emergency Platinum Amex card in his back pocket at all times. And if anyone believes different , I have a bridge I'll sell you.

Reviewed by jclayton022 7 /10

Wonderfully insightful documentary about living young, free, and untethered on the road.

This 2015 documentary begins by profiling the unconventional life of Conor Girard, aka Roaming Bear, a young musician who has eschewed the comfort and security of his upper middle class upbringing to enjoy the "freer-n-finer things in life" as a vagabond, traversing the country by way of hopping freight trains and hitchhiking. More often than not he sleeps under the stars, and frequently resorts to dumpster diving for sustenance.

Shortly after we get a feel for the world of Roaming Bear, we meet his soon-to-be travel companion Mikey, who is about to embark on his first such adventure, with Bear as his guide. Together they pull up stakes from the suburbs of Chicago with their sights set on Olympic National Park on the west coast of Washington. Their shared journey comprises the bulk of the film, and once we are fully immersed, a multi-textured and endearing story unfolds as we meet their families, their friends, and many colorful strangers along the way. Initially, the filmmakers seem to be simply romanticizing the itinerant lifestyle, but as the story progresses, they show us moments of self-doubt from both travelers. Through both confessional scenes and observed conversations, we're given direct insight into how they each process the blessings and uncertainties that come with such a life.

The fact that they both come from a relatively privileged upbringing, with a family safety net still in place, makes for a noteworthy irony: the boring, safe, ordinary life they sought to escape is also what makes it possible to take on such a risky journey, knowing that if they want out, they can have a lifeline thrown their way. That this point can be made softly without making us think any less of them speaks well to the filmmakers' skill in crafting this narrative.

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