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Fiddlin' is a foot-stomping celebration of true Americana and artistic expression. This hopeful, inspiring Old-Time/ Bluegrass music documentary shines a light on what is best about America. Filmed in the Appalachian Mountains at the World's Oldest Fiddler's Convention, Fiddlin' shows the uplifting and healing power of music. With multi-generations jamming together and kids holding instruments instead of phones, it feels like taking a step back in time as we witness some off-the-charts pickin' and fiddlin'.


Julie Simone

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Reviewed by omnisteve 10 /10

I just added Galax, Virginia to my bucket list

A joyful, multi-textured time-machine journey, full of engaging old-timers and astonishing young virtuosos who live in (and thus keep alive) the fast finger, flatfooting community of old-time and bluegrass musicians. Beautifully shot and cleverly edited it's a joyful postcard of Americana created by a warmhearted team of women filmmakers. What a hug!

Reviewed by brettbusy 10 /10

Tapping your toes and opening your heart!

You don't have to be a bluegrass fan to fall in love with this wonderful story - but you'll be a fan by the end!!

For a newcomer to the fiddling world, I was captivated by the talented performers and the personal stories told in this film. The movie is so much more than a music festival documentary: it's a heartfelt account of the people in the community and what their music brings to their lives.

As an added bonus to the amazing music, the cinematography shows the beautiful landscape of the Virginia setting.

Reviewed by Sully-Osully 10 /10

Fiddlin: I am a fan

First it is important to understand I am not a big movie person.....and further I don't watch a lot of documentaries. So I am far from an authority. But I know what I like. I loved this movie. My college roommate married a gal from Galax. She was always so nice and a great person. She always spoke so fondly of Galax I thought I would give this movie a run. I have now watched it 3 times. I like the history, the young musical artist and how the movie made me feel the pride in the craftsmanship of Wayne Henderson. This doc is full of talent.

After my movie experience I am likely to head to Galax, buy an expensive guitar that I can't play, shuffle my feet at that festival..... thank you for sharing. What a great movie.

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