Polar-opposite brothers Randy and Kirk never saw eye-to-eye, but their rivalry is taken to a new level when Randy hijacks Kirk's son's sleepover, taking the boys on a Scout Trip to remember.


Todd Rohal

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Reviewed by stiinz 1 /10

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen, if I could give negative ratings I would, and I would also like my 90 minutes back.

While I didn't have high hopes for Nature Calls to begin with, it went above and beyond to prove me wrong. It was even worse than I ever could have imagined and, as per the summary of this review, is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

I get that you can make a low brow comedy flick. In fact, I don't mind them. That's what I expected from this. But to call it a comedy would be a flat out lie. There was no redeeming humor in the film at all, not a single laugh. The plot and story were incoherent, the characters were undeveloped and horrible, the actors (as one critic put it) phoned it in, and the editing was atrocious. The entire thing made no sense - it wasn't even so bad it was good. It was just bad.

If you want a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th opinion read any of the other critic reviews. Just whatever you do - do NOT watch this movie. I don't usually write reviews, but if I can't get my 90 minutes back at least I can save yours.

Reviewed by pampowell5 1 /10

When "Nature Calls," Don't Answer

Where to start?  If only I could have started at the end of the movie, I would have saved myself 79 minutes.  "Nature Calls" was about reviving a dwindling boy scout troop, lead by a complete loser who wanted nothing more than to help kids connect with nature.  Sounds like a nice film for the 8-14 year old boy group, right?  Wrong. In a sentence, "Nature Calls" was one of the most offensive, ridiculous, and irritating movies I've seen this year.  It offended every aspect of my intellect.  The barrage of constant noise, insanity and ludicrous situations was more than I could handle.  Who wrote this?  (Todd Rohal)  Who did he write this for???  I have no idea.  The language, the focus point, and the overall story had no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  Between the adults acting like prepubescent  children and the children acting like wild beasts, I wanted to shut the movie off.  But I didn't so that I could save you from wasting your time and money.

Patton Oswalt played Randy, the unrealistic troop leader trying to convince a group of boys to come back to his boy scout troop to experience nature.  Randy's brother Kirk (Johnny Knoxville) and his cohort Gentry (Rob Riggle) were intent  on exposing these kids to electronic heaven instead of going on the camping trip planned by Randy.  As Randy broke many rules to get these boys out into nature and connect with it, many ridiculous events occurred.  Kirk and Gentry exploded with anger and outrage and  Kirk's wife, Janine (played by Maura Tierney), tried to hunt the group down.  Janine was nothing more than a servant who had no personality and put up with being treated like a second class citizen. (Personal note to Maura...WHY?  Why did you stoop to this level?)  

Crude behavior.  Crass language.  Inappropriate scenes.  Nudity.  Sexual innuendos.  Racial slurs. Animal cruelty.  The list of negatives goes on and on.  I truly have no idea who the intended audience is.  It's not a kid's movie, that's for sure!  It's not a female movie.  Is it a guys' movie?  I hope not.  This is an awful representation of the boy scouts.  This is an awful representation of Hollywood!  This is an awful representation of how adult males should be a model for kids.  Crude, rude and crass can be funny ("The Hangover"), but not in "Nature Calls!" However, I can't end without saying one positive thing.  On the positive side, it wasn't 2 hours long.

Reviewed by Michael_Elliott N/A

One of the Worst Comedies in a Very Long Time

Nature Calls (2012)

BOMB (out of 4)

Incredibly awful comedy has Boy Scout leader Randy (Patton Oswalt) kidnapping his brother's (Johnny Knoxville) adopted son and friends and taking them into the woods for a camping trip. Yes, that's pretty much the entire story. I've seen quite a few bad movies in my lifetime but it's pretty clear that it's hard to get a movie made today and get it released to something other than Youtube. I say that because for the life of me I can't see how this thing got financing and I really can't understand why some studio would actually buy it, try to release it and make money off of it. This here is without question one of the worst and most pathetic comedies I've seen in a very long time and it's really too bad considering the talented cast. I really couldn't understand where any of the comedy was supposed to be coming from because the screenplay doesn't have anything remotely funny or even that interesting. Yes, I get it, the Boy Scouts are falling apart and this Randy is just holding onto the past. That's fine but is this supposed to be funny? Is it funny seeing boys pee in the woods? Is it funny seeing the adopted son is from Africa? Is is supposed to be funny that the brother gets set on fire? The entire movie is just one big flop after another with bad jokes, a boring story and not a single interesting thing going on. Oswalt pretty much sleepwalks through the role and this is certainly the worst I've seen from him. Knoxville is just more annoying than anything else and Maura Tierney is just wasted. The late, great Patrice O'Neal is the only bit of energy but sadly he's not in the film enough to make it better. NATURE CALLS is a complete misfire that's certainly one of the worst films of the year.

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