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Love in Dangerous Times





With the world in a pandemic, Jason and Sorrel meet on a dating app and build a romance as the situation gets worse.


Jon García


Ian Stout
as Jason

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Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 5 /10

A little too soon, but good

Hey, did you know there's a pandemic? Well, if you didn't this film will remind you. As for me, I use movies as an escape, so confronting it through film felt, well, not like something I wanted to do. But I pushed on and watched this anyway.

As a virus spreads quickly throughout the world, Jason (Ian Stout) slowly comes to terms with the fact that his life of working in a restaurant and being a playwright at night may never come back. So as writer's block sets in, he turns to online dating, where he meets a friend for the Apocalpyse in Sorrel (Tiffany Groben).

Jason's family tries to reach him as well, to varying degrees of success, but until he starts dating Sorrel, he's so self-obsessed that you may find yourself having difficulty relating to him.

LIke I said, it was hard for me to get excited about a romcom set during the days of COVID-19, but you may feel differently. That said, making a film - much less during our uncertain times - is a real accomplishment.

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