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'Thou shall not suffer a witch to live', screams hanging judge John Stearne as he leads Petonel Haxley to the gallows. This is England in the year 1640. Terror is unleashed on the un-suspecting students 370 years later. A common link with the past evokes retribution from hell.

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Reviewed by JJWells71 N/A

Average Horror Flick

Witch House is a average horror film about a group of students who become lost out in the York Moors with their teacher and are pursued by some supernatural force. The backdrop is an interesting location for a horror film - beautiful yet ominous and the story was potentially interesting and watchable overall.However there are elements in need of attention.

The plot and characters are not sufficiently developed to capture the audience's attention so it becomes more about how the each student is going to die rather than actually caring about them. Some of the death scenes were quite comical although not helped by the poor SFX. Although the moors also provided quite an interesting opportunity for some amazing cinematography however this was not realised by the director. This was a real shame. This film one which you can wait for on DVD.

Reviewed by Toodle-Pip 1 /10

The Funniest Movie of 2008...... seriously

When I went to see this movie, I had no idea what the plot was, how the acting was going to be... Basically, the whole thing was a mystery to me. What unfolded was a hilarious romp through one of the worst "horror" movies I've ever had to endure. The acting was..... well, nonexistent to be honest. The actor's attempts at portraying terrified victims was laughable, but that was because the script contained some less-than-stellar lines, such as "I'll give you a fiver if you p**s on that cat"

In all honesty, I have no idea why someone would think that the bad script would be improved by the even worse acting. And you could tell that the movie had next to no budget from the awfully fake SFX. Especially one scene when one of the victims floats across a room and has her bottom jaw cut off. Add to that the make up of the witch, which looks like a cross between the guy from Jeepers Creepers and an old Dr Who villain - Not a good match. Not a good movie

But in all fairness, this movie did have every single person (all 20 of them) in the cinema in fits of laughter all the way through. So go and see it if you fancy a giggle. But don't expect thrills, chills or horror of any kind.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 /10

Bland and boring...

If you enjoy horror movies about witchcraft and such, then the 2008 movie "Witch House: The Legend of Petronel Haxley" from director Mike McCarthy might not be the best of choices you can select for watching.

I sat down to watch "Witch House: The Legend of Petronel Haxley" in 2021, without ever having heard about it, nor knowing what it was about, save it was something about witchery and witchcraft. Plus, the fact that it was a horror movie that I hadn't already seen, also helped to win me over.

And let me just be the first to say that this movie wasn't good, nor interesting, or particularly enjoyable or entertaining. It was, in fact, so unappealing that I gave up on the movie about 45 minutes into it. It was just horribly boring and uneventful. The storyline just had absolutely no drive to it, which made for a very bland and boring movie.

"Witch House: The Legend of Petronel Haxley" felt like a home movie project, which was also an aspect to why the movie failed to enthrall me in any way.

The acting in the movie was fairly adequate, taking into consideration the production of the movie and the type of movie that it was. I can't pinpoint any particular outstanding acting performances in the movie though.

I have no intention of returning to watch the rest of this movie. And my rating of the 2008 movie "Witch House: The Legend of Petronel Haxley" lands on a generous three out of ten stars.

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