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Kitty Mammas





A disgraced fertility doctor runs a clinical trial in which four women give birth to kittens.


Dennis Alexander Nicholson

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Reviewed by willz-67066 1 /10

Covid is making people crazy?

I have not watch this movie but common in not way a movie about four women giving birth kittens can be a 8 or 10 star movie people giving this high ratings or are the director's mom and aunt's or are just trolling or nutjobs due to covid quarantine and long time issolation

Reviewed by RandomNoob 7 /10

Funny Indie Comedy

The trailer got me on the fence as to watch this or not, but the synopsis: "A disgraced fertility doctor runs a clinical trial in which four women give birth to kittens." Was just so enticing I had to check it out. And I'm glad I did.

This is a pretty funny low budget Canadian comedy. I was really impressed overall by the relatively big cast especially: Janet Porter, Zarrin Darnell-Martin and (in smaller roles) Helene Robbie, Billy MacLellan, Ramona Milano. Were just really funny and on point.

Only Stephanie Belding and especially Michael James Regan kind of bombed. And that last one was made even worse thanks to sup-par unnatural editing for his scenes.

My biggest critique is that the film did not end right after the first birth. There is an extra 15 minutes after to forcefully tie up all the story ends but you won't care an you will be bored. The cat is already out of the bag, literally. My advice, just turn it off after you pull yourself together from laughing from the singular best joke and moment of the film. The film weirdly seems to take itself too serious after it, destroying the beautiful absurdity, tone and comedy of the rest of the film.

Also to be honest I'm biased and really don't like cats or people that especially like them. This film however makes fun of cat lovers and ended up being a real treat! So if you have a similar sentiment don't let it stop you giving this film a try.

Reviewed by amy-hawley 8 /10

Cat lovers rejoice

Saw at Hamilton Film Festival. Excellent venue to see this on premier night.

Acting was fabulous. Camera work was excellent. Story line was very good. Suitable for all ages.

Hoping for a sequel as they have many possible spin off directions. This would also make an interesting 30 minute tv series. It could fall into line with some of the great comedy shows with the right ideas taken from this movie.

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