Tengoku ni ichiban chikai shima (1984) torrent download

Tengoku ni ichiban chikai shima





A high school girl travels to the island of New Caledonia and has magical adventures.


Nobuhiko Ōbayashi


Miyoko Akaza
as Keiko Murata
Tomoyo Harada
as Mari Katsuragi
Wakaba Irie
as Madame Hiroko
Nenji Kobayashi
as Yoshimi Aoyama
Kayo Matsuo
as Mitsuko Katsuragi
Tori Miki
as Tour visitor

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Reviewed by ebiros2 5 /10

A young girl goes to a tropic island on a soul searching mission

Mari Katsuragi (Tomoyo Harada) is a high school student in downtown Tokyo. She tells her mother that she wants to go visit New Caledonia to fulfill a promise with her late father who told her about the island closest to heaven, that one day they will go there together. She embarks on a group tour to New Caledonia where she meets Yuuichi Fukaya an older man who is somewhat of a playboy. Mari tells Yuuichi that she's searching for the island closest to heaven her father told her about. Yuuichi takes her around the island but Mari isn't convinced that this is the place her father mentioned. But through various adventures and being met with local people's warmth she discovers where the real island closest to heaven resides.

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