Quarantine Girl (2020) torrent download

Quarantine Girl


Horror / Thriller



A woman's mental state deteriorates as she isolates herself during an epidemic.


Gregory Hatanaka

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ReaLMoisan 2 /10

Fake Reviews Need to Stop.

There are seven reviews for this title currently, and six of the seven accounts are recently created and only have this one review and rating to their username. The one account that's older, has reviewed over 100 releases, and rated over 250 titles, and has given every rating and review a 10/10. This is the worst type of reviewer, the dubious kind, they aren't just a member of the cast or crew. So, don't trust the reviews. If a title only has fake reviews, chances are it's bad. Obviously, this title is bad. Don't waste your time.

Reviewed by tonyzoneiso 8 /10

Good film

Loved it! Watch this if your stuck at home. Clever plot (obviously real) and the acting is great. 8 stars from me

Reviewed by rhynowardlaw 10 /10

Wow! Captivating and Entertaining!

The title says it all! I met Nicole a couple months ago who turned me onto a few of her films. It took me a while to finally get to them but I am very happy I finally did! Especially this one, it was extremely captivating and I really recommend this film along with quite a few of her others! Great job and thank you for turning me onto your films Nicole!

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