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Go Figure


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance / Sport



"Go Figure" follows 14-year-old Katelin in her quest to become a world class championship ice skater. When renowned Russian figure skating coach Natasha Goberman offers to train her at the private school where she teaches, Katelin will do almost anything to take advantage of the opportunity - even join the girl's hockey team on scholarship.


Francine McDougall


Jordan Hinson
as Katelin Kingsford
Cristine Rose
as Natasha Goberman
Ryan Malgarini
as Bradley Kingsford
Sabrina Speer
as Shelby Singer

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scissorhands_emily 5 /10

A Disney Movie Aimed at Older Kids and Younger Teens

This was a Disney Channel Original Movie, so it can't be expected to be a masterpiece, but it was entertaining and had a good theme.

It centers around Katelin who is one of the best figure skaters around where she lives. A Russian figure skating coach decides to help make her the best, but her parents won't pay for her to go to boarding school. By pulling a few strings Natasha(the Russian coach) manages to get her a full scholarship at the same school, but for hockey instead. Katelin has to work extra hard if she wants to be the best. As well as keeping it a secret that she's a figure skater because all the girls on the hockey team despise figure skaters.

The movie was good. The story was somewhat unrealistic(like in the aspect that she gets a full scholarship for a hockey team), but not way predictable. It entertained me and had me rooting for Katelin. I'd recommend it to all kids around 14 or so and younger. And to parents if they can understand that it's aimed at the kids and not them.

Reviewed by lawoptions 7 /10

I liked it

This is not an Academy Award nominee, but it was an enjoyable movie that I could watch with my kids. While I admit that the main actress' tears were not great (I thought that part was forced myself), I basically enjoyed the movie, so much that, because I had missed the very beginning the first time around, I watched the whole movie all over again to see how it began. It was an enjoyable escapist movie that we could all get into. Plus I love figure skating. I especially liked that the brother and sister could finally "play together nice." OK, I'm a mom, but still I thought this was a nice flick. Given that it's a kid's movie, there wasn't any blood and guts, but there was nice tension and an interesting choice for the main character to make. Various parts of it also made me laugh remembering the movie "The Cutting Edge." Toe Pick!!!

Reviewed by snapeing_turtle 5 /10

Not a bad family movie but not a good movie either

This was a somewhat typical Disney "feel good" movie. Disney does a pretty good job in making movies where the main character triumphs over the odds. This one is no exception. The main character has her obstacles and overcomes them.

The problems with this movie lie in the acting and the errors. The main character was a standard Disney blonde and may one day become a good actress, but she currently has very little range. Happy and pouty. That's about it. The Mighty Ducks was a hockey movie with heart. And it at least attempted to be believable (at least until they started going into the sequels). This one didn't even bother to *try* to be accurate. The figure skating nationals are not a one day, one program thing. They don't use the special lighting except for the exhibition. Don't even get me started on the whole robot scene. I am also pretty sure that the main character didn't do any triple jumps (her spins were slow, her spiral sub-standard, and her footwork practically non-existent) and probably never would have qualified for the seniors much less been named to the Olympic team. If they had at least *tried* for realism and had her attempting the Junior Nationals rather than the Seniors, the movie would have been much improved in the believability area.

If you can shut your brain off while you watch this movie and just watch it for the main character's growth, that would be for the best.

(oh, and if you can find a copy of the 2006 nationals, Stephanie Rosenthal, who was one of the skate doubles, had two amazing performances)

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