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Nation's Fire


Action / Thriller



When tragedy strikes, a single mother is forced to seek the help of her former bike club in her quest for revenge.


Thomas J. Churchill

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 3 /10

I seriously thought a 5th grade drama class put this film together 🤦 or...

...a bunch of biker strip-club owners and their dancers. Then after the movie, I see the writer and director was an experienced filmmaker, Thomas J. Churchill. Seriously? A 5th grade drama class could've done a better job.

The directing was atrocious... terrible camera work, even worse directing his cast. I mean how could you miss that nasty strand from the fake wig Bruce Dern was wearing? Don't get me started on the lame and terrible 1970's quality action sequences. Does anyone know how to hold and shoot a gun lol? Editing was just as bad, like someone shredded the film and taped it back together randomly. The screenplay I know for sure a 5th grader could've done a better job... did anyone else proofread it? It's a real shame though, as the story-line certainly had its merits, and actually was the only reason I saw the film to the end, never minding the various plot and technical issues. But the long dragged out scenes and slow pacing made the 86 min run-time feel like 2+ hours. I will say though that some of the gore scenes were actually decent and well put together. But the the constant, annoying and overbearing score, non stop... uhhhg! Sound was also off, like no one has ever heard of boom mics. Then the acting... I get Bruce Dern and Chuck Liddell are known for b-grade films, but next to the rest of the terrible acting, they just dropped themselves in being cast in a c-grade movie. I'm being very generous with my 3/10 for this one.

Reviewed by redwolf28386-893-90262 3 /10

wow, lot of non genuine reviews on this steamer

Bad acting, the worst southern accent ever, sloppy bad camera work,crappy effects, crappy stunts, crappy directing, crappy writing, crappy storyline and that horrible excuse for a Marine uniform!..I will give them credit that thay made a movie, albeit not all movies are gonna be great and lots are gonna to be bad, but you have to start some where right? But there is good news! The next time we see any of these guys in a film it's gonna be ten times better kinda hard to get any worse.

Reviewed by vinnydunne 1 /10

camera phone biker movie

First off i love biker movies , ok usually the plots and budgets are not the biggest or best but you know what your getting into ,this however is something else......... wondering why bruce dern agreed to this movie r would be a better use of your hour and a half , acting terrible ,wigs terrible ,script terrible , fight scene terrible ,robotic extras terrible and i only watched 9:19

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