Jack is the head writer for a successful soap opera, and he's sweet on the show's star, lovely Laura. It's easy for everyone but Jack to see that she's playing him for a sap. But a conk on the head brings Jack some new insights - and some new powers. He finds himself in Ashford Falls, site of his fictional soap opera -- and everything he writes comes true! It's a fantastic opportunity to get Rachel, Laura's character, to fall in love with him. But life isn't easy even in the fictional world, and even when you're the author!


Tom Mankiewicz


John Candy
as Jack Gable
Mariel Hemingway
as Janet Dubois / Louise
Emma Samms
as Rachel Hedison / Laura Claybourne
Raymond Burr
as Carter Hedison
Dylan Baker
as Blake Hedison
Charles Rocket
as Ty Hedison

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Reviewed by Bob-45 7 /10

Maybe you have to be a writer...

Just as I disagreed with the critics whom universally panned DELIRIOUS, I must disagree with most IMDB reviewers. I believe this is a genuinely funny movie, quite original and inspired. Sure, there are more than a few things in it that don't work (particularly the casting of Mariel Hemingway as the love interest); but, what writer hasn't a fantasy of being a part of his creation? The high point of the movie is the "guest" appearance by Robert Wagner. The big surprise is how funny Raymond Burr turns out to be. Despite her "spoiled brat" vixenishness, I would still take Emma Samms over the awkward, nerdy Miss Hemingway. The cruelist humor in the movie is the disintegration of Samm's brother. It's also probably the funniest thing about the film.

DELIRIOUS may not be to EVERYONE'S taste, but I happily purchased the laser disc a few years back. I watch it about once a year, and call it my "writer's fix". Enjoy it if you are a mind to...

Reviewed by LCShackley 7 /10

A decent Candy vehicle

This is a much more watchable film than many of the lightweight vehicles Candy took part in in his post-SCTV career. His part could have been played by any number of comic actors, but John steps in and gives it his best shot. He's always fun to watch on screen, and he has a good time here without going over the top, which he tended to do.

DELIRIOUS is a weird mixture of Groundhog Day, Soapdish, and various Rod Serling scripts in which the characters in a story are being controlled by someone at a typewriter. It's a workable premise, and the actors make the most of the stock soap opera characters they play. David Rasche, Emma Samms, Raymond Burr et al were well-chosen for their parts. Bit parts by Robert Wagner and Marvin Kaplan (the voice of Choo-Choo on TOP CAT) are also memorable. Mariel Hemingway takes some flak on this comment board for her part, but she seemed suited for the role and moved smoothly from her gawky character to the soap opera "devil woman." This is a pleasant comedy but not as consistently funny as SOAPDISH. The script by veteran writers of Gilligan's Island and Bewitched suffers from a lot of unnecessary "language" (for what could otherwise be a family film) but moves along at a brisk pace (except for the longish horse-riding scenes).

Reviewed by bkoganbing 6 /10

Help, I'm Trapped In My Own Soap Opera

That's John Candy's dilemma in Delirious. Candy's a writer for a popular television day time soap which seems to bear more resemblance to the night time big budget soaps so popular in the Eighties. Anyway after some creative differences with fellow writers Jerry Orbach and Renee Taylor, Candy gets into a nasty car wreck and when he wakes up finds himself in the hospital of his own show being treated by a couple of the characters of same, doctor David Rasche and nurse Andrea Thompson.

After seeing this, I see where the creators of Pleasantville got their idea. Pleasantville of course was a bit more serious in its subject matter. Delirious was a good idea that didn't quite come off although the players do give it a good try.

Part of the problem is that even in the fantasy Candy's thinking with his hormones. He's got it bad for his show's star Emma Sammes who is doing a nice Joan Collins impersonation. There's good girl Mariel Hemingway who is auditioning in real life for a part on Candy's soap opera and she shows up in the fantasy as well.

I have to give special kudos to Raymond Burr who plays the family patriarch of this soap opera with tongue firmly in cheek. Burr's occasionally flashes a twinkle which you have to be sure to catch just to let you know how much he's enjoying this. Nice he took time off from Perry Mason here.

Sammes and Burr are the real treats of Delirious. It could have been a lot funnier, but I think someone like Mel Brooks should have directed it.

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