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18-Year-Old Virgin





Kate is about to graduate. Her biggest dream is to have sex with Ryan Lambert. The only problem is that Ryan refuses to have sex with a virgin. This leads to a hunt for another man to lose her virginity to so she finally can have her dream prince.


Tamara Olson


Olivia May
as Katie Powers
Todd Leigh
as Spencer
Dustin Harnish
as Ryan Lambert
Dan Sykes
as Jeremy

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by intelearts 1 /10

Just horrible and horribly unfunny: it will make IMDb bottom 250 (If it gets enough votes)

Imagine taking movies with some genuine quality and humor and copying everything and making it all flat,turgid, and OTT, welcome to the horribly titled 18 Year Old Virgin.

Full of the kind of humor that makes even 9th graders groan rather than laugh and without any smarts whatsoever this is one of the most unenjoyable films I have seen in a long time.

Every opportunity to flash some T&A is taken, but my reaction was so what, and it is a movie that aims to be the most sexist, and definitely not the sexiest, movie of all time.

Of the 117 votes cast as I write this 33.3% gave this 10 (err... note to publicity department, flack is OK - but let's keep it less blatant next time...OK?) and a stunning 30% gave this a ONE.... ooops!

I'm sure there is an audience for this, who knows maybe it'll be someone's favorite ever movie - but more than a horrible, horrible plot and a dreadful script is the damn awful acting where lines are delivered without any attempt to get us involved.

It all looks like an attempt to steal your money though oooh isn't it sexy, believe no it's not, avoid like the plague.....please.

Reviewed by supernick-3 3 /10

For sure not like my childhood

I want to write something intelligent, but I assume that I should choose another movie for that. Oh well, I've seen this one yesterday, so let's see what my inspiration brings me.

I could write about the actors. There's not that many of them (low budget; the same people appear in different places of the house all the time), and they generally don't display much talent. This being said, it could also be the script, making them speak or behave in a very unnatural matter. However, I did like the fact that at least the leading ladies were capable of facial expressions. I truly regret that some highly acclaimed actors miss out on this field. It's one thing to passionately say the lines, but it's another thing to express it visually. I refer to that horrible thing called Zoolander, and the 'look' that means everything (actually the best part of that movie).

I could write about the plot, and then one sentence should do the trick: a girl wants to get some, and for some strange reason it's problematic. No plot worth mentioning, but hey, if you see this movie, it's probably because of the title, not because of the contents.

I could write about the setting. It's a house, and it's a damn big one. Amazing how many bedrooms are allegedly in there, and how many people manage to make out undisturbed. And only one tiny bathroom. As a European I always wondered ... do people actually go to someone's house and soil every bedroom? For sure they don't do that here.

I could write about the camera-work. Not HD, more like a professional attempt to use a handycam, but it only disturbs in the beginning.

I could write about the nudity. Ah, here's the thing, the girls look good. Again I refer to the two leading ladies, who are hot. They should seriously be offered chances in bigger productions, and not only because of their physique, but also because I believe that there's actual talent present. As for the guys in this movie, please don't bother.

Okay, I had my fun writing this. I watched the movie, didn't find it good, but I kept watching because of the leading girls. Also, I admit that in the second half, there were some good funny scenes. I don't regret seeing it, but I would advise the use of alcohol and male friends as company.

Reviewed by jabberttp 5 /10

A How-To on enjoying '18 Year Old Virgin'

***some possible slight spoilers below***

(and no it has nothing to due with being high or drunk or regressing back to your pubescent or prepubescent inner child to enjoy this movie)

1) Do NOT view this movie as a spoof. It's not a spoof of "40 Year Old Virgin", "American Pie", or any of a dozen teen sex comedies where the guy is running around trying madly and inanely to lose his virginity for **insert plot reason, however lame, here**. If you think it's a spoof, you'll be horribly disappointed, although it does contain some elements of the afore-mentioned movies I mentioned.

2) Do NOT view this movie as a substitute for porno (if you're into such a thing). If you think it's a porno, you'll be horribly disappointed, although it does contain some elements of porno, including LOTS of T & A, both male and female frontal nudity, simulated male and female masturbation situations, as well as sexual positions and situations, hetero and homosexual alike, as well as simulation of fellatio (don't remember simulated cunnilingus though).

3) Do NOT view this movie as a full-throttle laugh a minute comedy, although I believe it tried to be. If you think it's a full-throttle laugh a minute comedy, you'll be horribly disappointed, as there were too many jokes that misfired and/or were lamer than lame. In fact, during the first 30-35 minutes of this movie, I felt the attempted humor was SO lame that the Director and/or Writer would've been better served to simply ask the vast cast of young (and young looking) actors and actresses to merely tell them a funny sexy raunchy joke, and just mash the best of 'em together.

***Then a strange and wonderful thing happened. At about the 35-38 minute mark, I actually audibly laughed at a joke. It was a wonderful turning point. And then I found myself laughing at a couple more. Then I found a couple of the humor situations VERY similar to American Pie (the first one - the good one). Then I found myself audibly laughing a couple more times.

***Then I even found one sick joke that even sickened me (something I thought was near impossible to do). Later that joke's sickness was a bit mitigated, but...

***Then I remembered that even in GOOD comedies like American Pie (the first one - the good one), 40 Year Old Virgin, and Superbad, they had some jokes that fell flat and/or short of the mark, too (admittedly not as many though). Heck, some of the American Pie sequels (won't mention which ones) were actually lamer than this movie in toto.

4) Do view this as a comedic drama, much like the ABC Afterschool Specials of yore that I used to watch as a pubescent or prepubescent youth. Just the dirtiest most raunchy Afterschool Special that you can imagine.

5) Do view this as a movie with a message (yes it's there), much like the ABC Afterschool Specials of yore. The message isn't necessarily rocket science or horribly deep, but neither were many of the Afterschool Specials' messages, either.

6) Do view this movie as educational. Believe it or not (and I'm a 44 Year Old Non-Virgin ;-) ) I learned a new sexual position! Thus saving me from having to read the Kama Sinatra, or whatever it's called - lol. I'm eager to try it out, I just need to find a female partner my age that's limber enough to assume said position. ;-)

And finally...

7) Try to find in this movie an actor or actress of the opposite sex (or same sex if you're homosexual) that reminds you of someone you know, or used to know. It makes it quite a bit more interesting. The Rose character (Lauren Walsh) reminded me of a younger version of a someone I know. In some actions, but mostly her looks and especially expressions at times. This certainly helped the hour and a half go by pleasantly for me. ;-)

Thanks for reading and now go ahead and enjoy the movie!

(for what it's worth, I rated it a 5 ;-) )

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