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The Cult of JT LeRoy


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JT LeRoy was a teen prostitute, addicted to heroin and infected with HIV, when a therapist encouraged him to write his life stories. Buoyed by a cadre of celebrities, he published three critically acclaimed books. His death in 2006 left his fans and supporters bewildered, angry, and betrayed. Others saw his fate coming.


Marjorie Sturm

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Reviewed by famefutaccounting 9 /10

Hilarious infamy!

A literary hoax that picked up extraordinary steam before imploding is charted in "The Cult of JT LeRoy." Having begun filming the subject in 2002, and with a background in social work uniquely congruent with "his" background claims, Marjorie Sturm draws on a rich array of material to assemble a first documentary feature that's fascinating on numerous levels.

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