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Gut Hack


Biography / Documentary



A bio-hacker seeks to cure himself by swapping his microbiome with a donor's, a controversial and dangerous technique.


Kate McLean


Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mshuldiner 4 /10

"Gutsy" video, but hardly scientific.

Bold adventure, but riddled with scientific misinformation. The human biome is the collective genome of microorganisms - bacteria, viruses, archaea and protozoans. This procedure just focused on bacteria.

There was no test proving that he had wiped out all the original bacteria in his gut, skin and mouth.

Too much emphasis on Josiah's subjective assessment of health. No before and after full physical and psychological assessment.

Reviewed by FishBibble N/A

Good Start... Hopefully more will follow...

I give credit to the film makers for making a doc on such a taboo subject. I think there are clearly problems as far as how much you can take from this test scientifically, but regardless i do believe there already is some work done that hopefully will increase. Because if it can be proven that this is a technique with great results, hopefully it will over come the cringe factor that some people might have when they initially hear what it entails. It has clear scientific merit, and there is no doubt that if the initial studies are backed up with more studies that show the same success as those did, then videos like this that take this out of the shadows and into the light so to speak, are going to be more and more important. As if this can save lives, and/or improve the state of many people's lives, then it needs to happen more, and sadly right now it is not a very common thing, despite it already showing success in many scientific studies, that are more rigorous of course then this video. Which is another point, I hope people don't assume that there is not already scientific peer reviewed research on this already as well. As people might assume by the tone that there is 'little' scientific merit to the procedure, when in fact it makes a great deal of sense based on what we know of the gut flora etc...

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