Sequel to Lammbock. Stefan and Kai meet again after years. Stefan became a successful lawyer in Dubai while Kai is stuck in their home town. Kai has relationship issues and is trying hard to get in touch with his step son who is getting in serious trouble with some drug dealers. Can Kai and Stefan solve his problems? And what happened to their old friend Frank?


Christian Zübert

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Reviewed by ivymissing 8 /10

I liked it

It's funny and the acting is a little bit more than cheesy. But what can I say? It's a fitting sequel and I would definitely watch it again. Good fun.

Reviewed by kosmasp 8 /10

The story/saga continues

Lammbock was made 16 years before this and the characters have ages (as have the actors obviously). The two main characters have even grown apart a little bit. But they still have mad love for each other. And while I would think that you can enjoy this, without having seen the previous movie, I would recommend to watch it before you see this.

This does not reach the highs (no pun intended I think) from the first entry, but it is still funny to say the least. It'd be interesting to see them making another one in 10 years or so. I would watch it. Was a good idea to wait to come up with a funny story and give the characters some room to breathe and have gone through stuff. This will still be able to offend people as was the first one. But as with the first one, you don't have to have used ... drugs (taken them), to find the humor in it. A more than decent follow-up/sequel

Reviewed by scorefax 7 /10

if you enjoyed the first one, you will enjoy this one too!

As some other reviewers have already wrote here, in comparison to the first movie this one does not have one contiunous main story so to say, rather a few (sometimes suddenly ending) side stories, BUT the main thing that makes these two movies enjoyable is not the main story or character development, it's the discussions they have about random stuff while combining it with some typical stoner humor. And the second movie has a lot of these hilarious discussions and situations, which makes it ( in my opinion) as good as the first one, but only if you have seen and enjoyed the first one.

I would not recommend watching this movie without having seen the first one, if you are unsure if you will like it.

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