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The First Easter Rabbit


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Musical



A toy bunny named Stuffy comes to life. He goes to Easter Valley where he is assigned the task of being the first Easter Rabbit. But a wicked ice creature named Zero wants to freeze Easter Valley. Easter Valley must be saved so Stuffy can deliver the baskets of eggs!


Jules Bass


Burl Ives
as Narrator / Older Stuffy (voice)
Robert Morse
as Young Stuffy (voice)
Stan Freberg
as Flops (voice)
Paul Frees
as Zero / Santa (voice)
Don Messick
as Whiskers / Jonathan (voice)
Joan Gardner
as Elizabeth / Calliope (voice)

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stebaer4 10 /10

There's that rabbit along with tradition.

Yes,whenever I see this or reminisce about this I'm always immediately transported back in time too.This feature got to be an annual Easter Sunday tradition on The Disney channel.It's also loosely based on the children's book called The Velveteen Rabbit.One way this special differs from the book is that in the book features a boy instead of a girl of whom has a stuffed rabbit of which becomes a real rabbit.It's very cute in many ways including how it's got Santa Clause as well as that very cute song of There's that rabbit doing this that and the other thing & I only wish that I could easily recall all of the words to this song too including taking some blue from the sky.Even how it may conclude whether or not as Our Cottontail Friend that rabbit,that rabbit. It's narrated by Burle Ives as the elderly Stuffy of whom was according to this The First Easter Rabbit. Burle Ives had also Narrated as a Snow Man The Story of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.

Truthfully, Stephen "Steve" G. Baer a.k.a. "Ste".

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 /10

Has not aged too well

"The First Easter Rabbit" is a Rankin/Bass cartoon from 40 years ago and as they always do more or less, it runs for between 20 and 30 minutes. This is their duo on the Easter Holidays and they got a decent cast line up for this one: Oscar winner Burl Ives, legendary voice actor Stan Freberg and Robert Morse who you may know from "Mad Men". And the voice acting is also the biggest strength. Unfortunately, it cannot save the film as the story is really not too good. There is a reason why this one (unlike other Ranking/Bass) works was not nominated for an Emmy and is not really that known today anymore. Why did they include Santa and a main villain from Santa's past. This is about the Easter Bunny. Is the character not interesting enough to carry this film on his rabbit shoulders? I think he is. Anway, the animation here (especially the bunnies and humans, particularly the girl) is not to my liking either really, but that is just personal preference. I did not enjoy this one. Thumbs down.

Reviewed by Dawalk-1 10 /10

A Rankin-Bass/Easter Special That Is No Egg-ception.

This must've been one of the lesser aired Easter specials, because I don't remember ever seeing this on t.v. when I was little/younger. So I'm not as familiar with it as I am with another Rankin-Bass Easter special, Here Comes Peter Cottontail. I don't even recall seeing any copy of the VHS cover of this and another reviewer on here mentioned this also aired on the Disney channel, about which I had no idea either. But catching it on Youtube earlier this month makes up for it. This is another well-done Rankin-Bass Easter special that's just as great as Peter Cottontail. I like how everything came together. Although the Easter bunny may not be what Easter truly is all about, this still makes for one of the nice ways of explaining another aspect of how this particular rabbit came to be. What make me love this the most are the moments that grab and keep me engaged, ranging from the tender (Glinda receiving Stuffy as a Christmas present) to the poignant (Glinda no longer being allowed to keep Stuffy, to whom she was attached, due to him being a health hazard) to the funny (the three rabbits Stuffy comes across after being brought to life, thanks to the sprite, Calliope), to the triumphant (Stuffy managing to retrieve the Golden Lilly, preventing the valley from being completely frozen by Zero, and reuniting with Glinda on Easter Day). I wonder how exactly (possibly magic again aside) the plush Stuffy was still able to talk before becoming a live rabbit, despite originally being a stuffed doll. Both the older Stuffy and Sam the Snowman from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer are not only voiced by folk artist Burl Ives, but are also drawn in his likeness as a reference. There's a third Rankin-Bass Easter special I have yet to see, The Easter Bunny Is Comin' To Town, but I will see it soon too. I'm sure it ought to be just as great as the other two comprising the Rankin-Bass Easter special trilogy. I enjoyed it and anyone who hasn't seen this but still enjoys watching a great holiday special will and should too. It's another in a line of the best holiday specials of all time.

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