A former judo champion quits the tournament cirucit and runs a nightclub. However, when a new challenger appears as well as an old rival and a judo master in need of reviving his school, the young man must go back in training and prepare for the ultimate challenge.


Johnnie To


Louis Koo
as Sze-To Bo
Jordan Chan
as Mona's Agent
Eddie Cheung
as Boss Savage
Calvin Choi
as Jing (as Calvin Choy)

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Reviewed by winner55 9 /10

JUDO: something positive

Akira Kurosawa's first film was a martial arts film: Sanshiro Sugata. This is almost never seen in the west; and I confess I haven't seen it. But I know what Akira Kurosawa did in film, and I have more than a general sense of his style and his concerns - what makes a Kurosawa film identifiably Kurosawa.

Johnnie To's tribute to Akira Kurosawa comes as a very splendid surprise. Not really a martial - arts film, this is the story of champion judo wrestler who, going blind, wallows in drink, gambling, petty theft and jazz (do these all go together?) Anyway, although the final 20 minutes of the film gets a little heavy, for the most part this is a humorous look at some Hong Kong low-lives, and how their redemption comes through the personal discipline necessary to learn judo. Even if you don't like judo, you will enjoy this film - very professionally crafted and acted.

Reviewed by Type-E 10 /10

This movie is excellent

I don't get why this movie got such a bad rating? I would give this at least a 9 if not 10. If you are looking for a kung fu movie, then this is not one definitely, but it doesn't make it a bad movie. It's like rating giving a horror movie a 1 because it's not funny.

The summary that someone put in IMDb is totally misleading. It's none of that. It should be something like "Sze To Bo, the former karate champion did not take part in the final karate championship competition and gave up karate from then on. What happens to him 2 years ago??"

This movie is worth watching twice in a row just by seeing how the director, Johnny To, hide the fact that the main character is blind. It wasn't until last quarter of the movie does he show more obvious trail that he is blind. If you like Sixth Sense style movie, this is definitely similar. Aside from that, the main plot shows the people got block by problem and by confronting the problem, they found the process enjoyable.

Sze To Bo: blind but finally continue to enjoy karate at the end Aaron: his arm is wounded but from that, he found new moves to throw with one arm Ying Chow Yee: Her disire to be an actress made her life enjoyable.

Aside from the main plot, there are several scenes that are handled exceptionally well: - red balloon was block (another metaphor) and see how the 3 main character find getting around the problem enjoyable. - money chase scene where Louis Koo was running and running and running. It was his turning point of the movie where he found life is not meaningless.

This firm was not meant to be very commerical just like PTU, it's darker and require more thoughts than Breaking News type movies.

Reviewed by stu_x 10 /10


When I saw Throwdown at the video store, I didn't think it would be that great. However, I had never seen a judo movie before, so I decided to give it a try.

First of all, the action scenes in the movie are great. I think people who are knowledgeable about ground fighting (eg Brazilian jiujitsu or judo) will appreciate the fight scenes. The fight scenes display both take-downs (throws and trips) when the fighters are standing up and ground fighting (joint locks and chokes) when the fights go to the ground. The transitions between the judo moves also flow very well. The actors in the movie even demonstrate proper techniques to break their falls when they get thrown to the ground.

In addition to the fight scenes, I love how the characters all have obstacles in their lives that they must overcome. I love how judo is used as a metaphor for the lives of these characters. When practicing judo, a person will fall many times and find it hard to continue. To be successful, the person must get up after falling down and continue to train. Similarly, a person will experience hardships in life and often find it difficult to continue living. Despite these hardships, one must put in his best effort and continue doing what he has to do.

If you're expecting this movie to have actors flying in the air like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, you might be disappointed. But if you want to see a movie with more realistic fight scenes and an inspirational message about perseverance, I recommend this movie.

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