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Slaughter Nick for President


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When an out-of-work actor accidentally discovers through Facebook that he's been wildly famous in a faraway land for almost two decades, he sets out to discover the reasons why. SLAUGHTER NICK FOR PRESIDENT is a behind-the-scenes look at the entertainment biz and a heart-warming tale of redemption that reveals little-known facts about the extraordinary peaceful overthrow of a brutal dictator.


Liza Vespi

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Reviewed by shaaazbat57 10 /10

The Positive Power of a forgotten Action Crime Drama

'Slaughter Nick For President' begins with a narration that sounds like the opening of a Film Noir murder mystery, but then we realise that the narrator is the actor who played the protagonist for three years in a little known action crime drama from Canada called Tropical Heat or Sweating Bullets as it was called in Canada and the United States which played on television in the early nineties. On my local channel (HTV Wales) they were still thankfully repeating it almost ten years later. So the narrator of Slaughter Nick, actor Rob Stewart, tells us how he survived LA for ten years but by 2009 ended up broke and living with his parents in Ontario. In Serbia though, he's been famous for fifteen years and didn't even know it. 'Slaughter Nick For President' works on many levels, whether you're interested in European politics and the Serbian Government's tyranny during the time of the TV show or purely on an entertainment level and nostalgia for Tropical Heat fans. Quoting Nick from the show, "What's not to like".

The documentary is a personal journey for Rob Stewart and how he comes to realise that the show he starred in (and gives no creative credence to) has helped to topple a dictatorial government in Serbia, and how his fictional character is a Serbian national hero. This is a powerful, personal and heartfelt documentary (with some humour) that deals with political oppression, overcoming the odds, and how television can change people's lives in a positive way. For actor Rob Stewart though, it brought a series of strange coincidences together and led him on a spiritual journey to Serbia and its people. My thanks to Marc Vespi, Liza Vespi and of course Rob Stewart for producing a documentary masterpiece.

Reviewed by diedaily77 10 /10

Outstanding, improbable, feel great weirdness!

What do a Canadian B TV show, a dissident Eastern European punk rock band, and the yearnings for freedom and democracy of an Eastern European population traumatized by genocide and post-cold war cultural fugue, all have in common? Well, Canadian actor Rob Stewart, apparently! Though it would require two decades for him to become aware of the fact, Rob, or rather his TV character, Nick Slaughter, had become a cultural and eventually a political icon in post-Tito Serbia. Remind you of 'Searching for Sugar Man'? It should, they were both released in 2012? Why did Sugar Man get so much promotion and acclaim while Slaughter has remained relatively unknown? No idea. But while they are quite different, they are equally wonderful.

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