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The Empty Man


Crime / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller



On the trail of a missing girl, an ex-cop comes across a secretive group attempting to summon a terrifying supernatural entity.


David Prior


James Badge Dale
as James Lasombra
Joel Courtney
as Brandon Maibaum
Stephen Root
as Arthur Parsons
Marin Ireland
as Nora Quail
Owen Teague
as Duncan West

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lawdog67 3 /10

Should have picked one plot!

So, the good parts: The acting is generally on point, most of the cinematography is great, and I really liked the slow-burn approach (mostly). And taken individually, each of the three stories could have made a decent movie unto itself. But for some inexplicable reason, the producers decided to try to mesh together three storylines that have virtually nothing to do with each other - and in the process none of them is fully fleshed out.

I've read some of the glowing reviews on here, and for the life of me, I can't figure out what they're seeing that I'm not. I'm not a simpleton that needs to have every plot device explained to me; I have no problem with abstract concepts, implied relationships, or things happening off-screen in a film. But this movie is either about an ancient subterranean entity in Asia, a scary U.S. childhood legend that may have turned out to be real, or a secretive cult that has somehow been manipulating people's thoughts and/or creating people to use for its own nefarious, but undefined, purposes. It tries but fails to be about all of them at once. I tired, I tried so hard to make sense of these three disparate storylines - but finally I gave up. If the movie can't make them line up any better than it did, then why should I kill myself trying?

Intentionally obscure storytelling is not the same thing as being avant-garde. For all this movie's strengths, it cannot overcome poor plotting. You should wait until it's on some streaming service and try and decode it then, but don't pay to go see it.

Reviewed by baehr_adam 9 /10

The Empty Man Whispers in Tongues!

I'll start by prefacing that I haven't read the graphic novels yet; also don't judge the film on the trailer. You will regret it. I learned about this movie a day before it released by accident. I'm a horror aficionado and this movie was so below the radar I don't believe anybody knew about it; especially about it releasing in theaters. The story is about an ex-cop investigating a missing persons. The story evolves from there into a nightmare of sorts. The acting was good; though James Badge Dale as James stole the entire film through his incredible performance. The jump scares weren't numbered in the likes of Paranormal Activity or Sinister and etc, but I also believe jump scares are so cliché now. The pacing was very well done; granted the movie is almost 2.5 hours long. The ambient audio was spectacular and honestly one of the best sound designs for a horror film I've ever heard which I know is a tall statement. The cinematography was extremely well shot. If you can imagine a combination of Sinister, Hereditary and It Follows rolled into one, but executed wonderfully then you will have an inkling of what this film is about. I highly encourage you'll to watch it; given 2020 has been so thin on legitimate horror/supernatural thriller films this is a gem in the darkness.

Reviewed by ravencorinncarluk 7 /10

Hidden cosmic horror

It's easy to see why people would dislike this. It really comes down to taste, not anything wrong with the movie.

I haven't read the graphic novels, so I'm only going to base anything I say off the movie. And I really found this to be a good blend of real myths, real philosophies, real cults, and horror tropes.

Yes, it might come across as borrowing from anything and everything, but that actually fits one of the philosophies discussed by the cult: everything is connected and is the same.

I enjoyed the score; it underpinned how scenes should be interpreted without TELLING you how to feel like many tense movies do. The lighting and camerawork helped play out the story, and the set design gave a grimeyness that made the evil seem more ancient. Good dialogue and good acting. Definitely a slow burn that takes you were you need to be.

A little bit Call of Cthulhu, a little bit Wicker Man, a little Vanilla Sky. Just a little bit of a lot of somewhat cerebral horrors. Not a fast-paced jumpscare teen slasher flick by any means.

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