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Sister of the Groom


Comedy / Drama / Romance



Audrey attempts to stop her brother from marrying a young French woman during their rescheduled wedding weekend in the Hamptons, which happens to be the same weekend she turns 40. Sister-in-laws-to-be from two very different cultures and stages of life clash and struggle to connect and get along. Because of this tension, Audrey loses control and attempts to undermine the wedding, only to realize she can't stand in the way of true love.


Amy Miller Gross

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Reviewed by karissamaree82 4 /10

Could've Been So Much Better

As a very recent sister of the groom myself, I was really looking forward to watching this movie. I was disappointed within the first 5 minutes and by the end, was super disappointed because this could've been so good!

It was clear what they were trying to do, but none of the characters or relationships were developed at all. Each scene felt choppy and independent from each other.

The only two relatable characters were played by Alicia Silverstone and Tom Everett Scott, who were the only enjoyable characters in the movie.

Reviewed by drosenberg-57037 4 /10

Avoid this if you're Alicia Silverstone fan...

A really disappointing, disjointed story that could have been so, so much better if actor and producer Alicia Silverstone had focused on one or two of the storylines. We're big fans but want to forget and should have avoided this film effort of hers.

Reviewed by mtasurfer 8 /10

Uneven but still enjoyable

There's much to like in the sophomore effort from director Amy Miller Gross- snappy, realistic dialogue, and unsurprisingly solid chemistry from the leads and a poignant performance from the late lovable Mark Blum who I've seen in films since Desperately Seeking Susan. The first 40 minutes or so, as characters are being introduced are excellent, and I really loved the use of wedding-invite-styled scene dividers. The film loses steam in the middle as Alicia Silverstone's character increases her aggression towards her future sister-in-law, so much that she lost my sympathy. The central conflict resolves rather abruptly. However, the final scene between Tom Everett Scott and Alicia was one of the best in the film though. I give this film higher marks since I see it was from a newer director. Production value is excellent - refined music that supports the emotion and tasteful cinematography.

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