The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud (2020) torrent download

The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud


Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi



When a video game enthusiast named Sarah is transported into her favorite game, she finds herself on an intergalactic prison, home to the most dangerous villains in the galaxy. The only way to escape the game is to complete it. Teaming up with space hero Max Cloud, Sarah battles the terrifying planet while her best friend, Cowboy, controls the game from her bedroom in Brooklyn.


Martin Owen

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nicolasmaczk 3 /10

wow that's bad

Not even a good bad, or a "so bad it's funny" nor a "bad B movie", but... There's some good. I like the music, the CG looks nice and colorful. The rest is bad and just weird , and again, not a good weird. Another talented one lost his funding to that crap most certainly, unless it's totally self funded...

Reviewed by IbrahimNayaya N/A

Total mess and extremely awful.

The mark-up, the settings, the graphics and almost everything about the movie is is a total mess. Don't waste your useful time to watch it, because you won't get anything from it.

Reviewed by dkyforever 2 /10

Is it supposed to be this bad?

I know that there are movies that are so bad they're good, and I seriously wonder if the director was trying to go for that here. Unfortunately, it's not good... At all. I admit, I'm a fan of silly films, and there were some scenes that wee pretty cool in this one, but so much of it is off putting. Scenes don't flow well, dialogue is really odd and some of the decisions by characters just don't make any sense at all. One thing that really bothered me (because it could have been done so much better) was the dialogue between Sarah while in the game, and Cowboy while playing the game. The "Cowboy footage" and the in game footage of their dialogue don't mesh at all. I actually remarked to my wife as we watched this, that it seems like the kind of movie you're supposed to be high to watch. I'd recommend not watching it. I hate to say that, but yeah, stay away.

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